Forming Taps suit high-production tapping applications.

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Wear-resistant HPF Carbide Insertable Forming Tap features replaceable carbide insert on steel body. Made to DIN specifications, hardened steel shanks are designed with 4 drive tangs and are available with or without lube grooves. Products are offered in UNF sizes of 3/8-24 to 3/4-16 and metric fine sizes from M10 x 1.0 to M18 x 1.5. They are TiCN Plus coated and capable of tapping all ductile materials up to 32 Rc.

Original Press Release:

LMT-Fette's New HPF Carbide Insertable Forming Taps are Ideal for High Production Tapping

Cleveland, OH - (March 9, 2004) LMT-Fette introduces new carbide insert technology to the forming tap market with its HPF Carbide Insertable Forming Tap - an industry first.

The HPF is the only tap to feature a replaceable carbide insert on a steel body. The carbide insert allows for cutting speeds 2-3 times higher than that of an HSS form tap, at a fraction of the price of a solid carbide tap. Furthermore, the excellent wear resistance characteristics of the carbide insert lead to increased tool life - up to 30x. This results in a lower cost per tapped hole.

The HPF features a hardened steel shank, designed with four drive tangs that help to handle the torque present in a tapping operation. Each steel shank is made to DIN specifications for added reach capability. The carbide inserts are available with or without "lube grooves" for optimized tool life, in through or blind holes, and are available in UNF sizes of 3/8-24 to 3/4-16 and metric fine sizes from M10 x 1.0 to M18 x 1.5. The HPF carbide inserts are TiCN Plus coated for use with a range of materials.

The HPF is capable of tapping all ductile materials up to 32 Rc. The pure hardness of the carbide insert enables the HPF to form work piece materials considered too hard for HSS or powdered metal form taps. These taps can be run with high tensile strength materials, such as aluminum, steel or stainless steel.

LMT-Fette's HPF is designed for high production tapping applications including automotive, aerospace and general machining. The HPF demonstrates the innovative technology that defines LMT Fette as the market leader in both O.D. and I.D. thread forming products.

LMT-Fette blends precision European engineering with application expertise, resulting in advanced metalworking solutions that increase up time, productivity and product quality. LMT-Fette will continue to be on the forefront of metalworking technology with new products in milling, turning, tapping, thread rolling and gear cutting.

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