Forklift Attachment facilitates drum to pallet change-out.

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Designed to assist in performing drum change-outs from one pallet size to another, LOM-4 can safely handle 1-4 drums at a time. It can handle mixed groups of steel, plastic, or fiber drums, rimmed or rimless, that cumulatively weigh up to 8,000 lb as long as drum heights are within 1.5 in. of each other. Product is available with spark-resistant and EE-rated components.

Original Press Release:

Change-Out Drums to Different Pallet Sizes

Because pallets come in so many different sizes, drums are often received and shipped out on pallets that do not suit a warehouse's optimum pallet storage size. This mix requires drum change-outs from one pallet size to another.

The LOM-4 forklift attachment from Liftomatic is designed to quickly and safely handle drum change-outs from one to four drums at-a-time.

The Liftomatic LOM-4 even handles a mixed group of 4 drums, steel, plastic or fiber, rim or rimless, up to 8000# total weight, as long as the drum heights are within 1.5 inches of each other.

The trans-loading of drums by hand is neither safe nor productive.

The Liftomatic LOM-4 is also available with spark-resistant and "EE" rated components.

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