Fork Lift Door System features indestructible design.

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Employing soft foam core, FLEX-PANEL(TM) Door System survives repeated impacts while maintaining insulation capacity. It features electro-magnetic frame and header system that actively commands optimal door seal. Heated air moving through frame system also eliminates need for defroster wiring in floor or door panel. Internal frame eliminates bowing of door panel, while lightweight door panels help minimize wear and tear on operator and track assemblies.

Original Press Release:

Finally, Forklifts Have Met Their Match!

Innovative new cold chain product debuts

Industrial Insulation Systems Inc. - will be launching their patent-pending INDESTRUCTIBLE FORK LIFT DOOR SYSTEM at a September 17 open house from their Boise, Idaho manufacturing facility. Being branding as FLEX-PANEL(TM) the door system employs a soft foam core that is capable of surviving repeated impacts while still offering extremely high insulation capacity (R-Value). Additionally, FLEX-PANEL(TM) boasts an electro-magnetic frame and header system that actively commands the finest door seal available on the market. Heated air moving through the frame system also eliminates the need for defroster wiring in the floor or door panel.

Every year, thousands of insulated forklift doors are accidentally damaged in impacts with forklifts and other warehouse equipment. The result is malfunctioning equipment, thousands of dollars in energy losses, and even more-potentially much, much more-in repairs. And while companies continue to invest heavily in floor sensors, laser eyes, radar and other technology with hopes of reducing incidents of collision, the problem persists.

The Trouble with Typical Doors

  • Damage leads to significant leaks and tremendous energy loses.

  • Damage often leads to inability to properly use the door, resulting in operation downtime.

  • Doors, track assembly and door operator damage can cost thousands of dollars to replace.

    FLEX-PANEL(TM) Systems Better thinking. Better design. Better door.

  • Light-weight door panels mean less wear and tear on operator and track assemblies

  • Heated door frame and door gasket eliminates frost build-up around perimeter of the door.

  • Internal frame eliminates bowing of door panel

    Indestructible- Won't be damaged, even by the most violent forklift collision

  • Hybrid frame is pliable enough to absorb aggressive impacts without sacrificing

  • R-Value Reenforced foam core is strong, light and energy efficient- WE WILL HELP YOU BE GREENER!

    When IIS says "INDESTRUCTIBLE" We mean it!! That is why we will proudly offer a 20-year
    warranty on door panel core* - by far the best in the industry.

    IIS is a respected manufacturer of cryogenic and refrigerated shipping containers, solar refrigeration solutions and is an industry leader in Pacific Northwest industrial insulation contracting- mechanical insulation, panel insulation, tanks and vessel jacketing and more.

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