Force Sensor measures vehicle weight at highway speeds.

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Lineas® Weigh In Motion Sensor Type 9195E measures wheel- and axle loads and also determines vehicle gross weight under rolling traffic conditions. Compact cables require 8 mm wide installation slots and channels for integration into road surface. Quartz piezoelectric sensor provides stability, is insensitive to temperature changes, and is protected to IP 68. Available in 2 sensing lengths, products accommodate all lane widths and choice of cable lengths.

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WIM Sensor Installation is Simplified

Recently improved Lineas® Weigh In Motion sensors from Kistler Instrument use compact cables that promote faster installation. Installation slots and channels cut into the pavement which route the system interconnecting cables are made with fewer cutting slices. Previously channels of 18 to 25 mm were needed. The new cabling reduces slot width to 8mm. This reduction greatly reduces the time and expense of pavement installation preparation.

Subsequent maintenance is held to lowest levels due to the technology of the sensing element. The quartz piezoelectric sensor requires a fraction if the deformation typical of ordinary WIM sensors during weight determination. This type of technology removes the fatigue factor in materials conventionally used, resulting in a long sensor life. Long term stability and insensitivity to temperature changes promote reliability. Availability in two sensing lengths that accommodates all lane widths and the wide choice of cable lengths adds to installation ease.

Kistler is a worldwide supplier of precision instrumentation for the measurement of pressure, force and acceleration serving the R&D, Industrial and OEM Communities.

The Lineas sensor is a quartz sensor to measure the wheel- and axle loads and to determine the vehicle gross weight under rolling traffic conditions.

o Excellent long-term stability.
o Huge measuring range: from slow to fast freeway speed.
o Very high natural frequency and signal dynamic.
o Protected from the intrusion of water (degree of protection IP68).
o Insensitive to temperature changes.
o Quick and easy installation.
o Adaptive to different pavement characteristics.
o Safe mounting into the pavement.
o The sensor surface can be ground up to 10 mm in case of pavement deformations.

The Lineas WIM sensor Type 9195E... is a force sensor with quartz elements. It consists of a light metal profile of which quartz disks are fitted under preload.

When a force is applied to the sensor surface, the quartz disks yield an electric charge proportional to the applied force through the piezoelectric effect.

The electric charge is converted by a charge amplifier into a proportional voltage which then has to be further processed as required.

The sensor has to be integrated into the road surface and is only for permanent installation.

o Traffic data acquisition (statistics)
o Overload detection
- Pre selection for static weight controls
- Auto weight enforcement
- Bridge protection
o Weigh dependent tolling
o Road research
o Pavement management system (PMS)

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