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Force Gage serves can lidding, bottle capping applications.

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Force Gage serves can lidding, bottle capping applications.

Nov 07, 2013 - Without requiring filling machines to be shut down, Top-Load Gage enables real-time gaging of can and bottling capping seal forces with computerized accuracy, control, and data recording at full line speed. Capping system corrections and adjustments can be made on-the-fly, and user-configurable gage can also be used to capture axial force during transit. Data is stored in flash memory with capacity of up to 20,000 samples at collection speeds of up to 500 readings/sec.

Kurt Manufacturing Company - Minneapolis, MA

Original Press Release

New Kurt "Top-Load" Gage Measures Can Lidding and Bottle Capping Seal Forces During Filling Operations - Real-Time Gaging Done Without Shutting Down Beverage Filling Lines - Protects Against Container Scrap and Beverage Loss

Press release date: Oct 31, 2013

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Now, real-time gaging of can and bottling capping seal forces is possible without shutting down filling machines using Kurt’s new “Top-Load” Gage. Beverage line operators can easily audit these important forces without line shutdown or the need to perform costly measurement tests. It’s all done in real time with computerized accuracy, control and data recording.

Until Kurt’s “Top-Load” Gage introduction, beverage fillers had to manually perform time consuming and static offline testing of their beverage sealing systems. These tests often were inaccurate because they fail to account for capping ‘spring’ forces when the filling system is operating at top speed. Variances can occur at all speeds especially when starting and stopping the beverage filling line. These variances can alter the quality of the beverage content.

In the past, static capping force testing was done when system or content problems occurred. This did little or nothing for understanding or maintaining the dynamic forces that occur during the capping operations of the system. The Kurt Top-Load Gage allows real-time data collection to be made during the capping operation at full line speed. This allows capping system corrections and adjustments to be made “on the fly”, often without shutting down the system.

By providing real-time dynamic data of actual capping pressures, Kurt’s “Top-Load” Gage may lead to the use of thinner container material. Use of less container material saves money and imporves recycling. “Light weighting” also helps promote industry-wide green initiatives.

Operation of the Kurt “Top-Load” Gage is easy once introduced to the capping line. It is set up to measure the exerted force during capping. The gage can also be used to capture the axial force during transit. The Top Load gage is user configurable and records data once a user settable pressure threshold is met. It ceases measurement when a user set number of samples have been taken. By allowing bottlers to measure these forces during line operation, they can accurately track and compare pressure variations over time and correct them before causing container scrap or beverage content loss.

Data is stored in flash memory with capacity of up to 20,000 samples at data collection speeds of up to 500 readings per second. The standard full-scale capacity is 500 pounds, optionally 1000 pounds. Once recording is complete, data can be transferred easily from the Kurt Top-Load Gage to another computer using a micro USB connector or wirelessly through Bluetooth. The recorded data is in a 16-bit resolution CSV format and can be easily imported into the provided KurtSPC software or an Excel program for analysis and line operation tracking.

Precision manufactured to Kurt’s high standards, the new “Top-Load” Gage is machined of durable Delrin and will not affect or harm the filling equipment. The Gage exterior form can be made to fit any shape or size can or bottle and may be suitable to other sealing / capping / lidding operations beyond beverages.

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