For Just About Any Application a Classic Coil is Always a Perfect Fit Brake and Clutch o Solenoid Mini-Sensors o Contactors Guidance Systems

Over a decade of experience in thermoplastic molding from bobbins to total encapsulation. Materials include nylon, polypropylene, polyester, PBT and custom formulated molding compounds. Industries served include: Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Nuclear, Marine and Communications. Paper Section Coils are a Specialty… Coils surpass the rigid standards of the nuclear and military industries in the United States, Europe and Japan.

• Engineering assistance for application requirements

• Will help design latest in pin or insulation displacement terminal technology

• Environmentally friendly bobbin molding and overmolding with inserts using latest Dupont® technology

• Automated coil manufacturing equipment but also produce handcrafted units

• SPC collection, charts shared with customers

• Computerized coil winding, ultra fine wire

• Cellular manufacturing with quick lead times Kanban pull systems

• Facilities are available for RD, prototyping

• Nuclear industry certified high temperature paper section coils

• Open pot molds, vacuum impregnation, Thermoset materials

• Class A to N, UL yellow card recognition, NASA NHB 5300.3 (3A-1) and Mil STD-2000

• All testing monitoring equipment ISO 9000 compliant

• Wire sizes AWG 6 – 50

• Internet site for Electronic Data Transfer of production data

205 Century Drive, Bristol, CT 06010 Tel (860) 583-7600 Fax (860) 583-2645

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