Footwear provides traction for slippery applications.

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Featuring vinyl loop sole and dual pull-tab closure, GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) Lite fit over work shoes and boots to provide increased traction in wet, soapy, waxy, and oily areas that may cause slips and falls during floor stripping and floor mopping activities. Products will not harm floors and can be cleaned with water. Available in sizes from XS-XL, products have breathable stretch design and come in industrial black with red soles.

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Grippers for Strippers(TM) Lite All Traction(TM) Footwear

JORDAN DAVID, Horsham, PA introduces GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) Lite. GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) Lite is a brand new device designed to reduce slips and falls indoors during floor stripping and floor mopping activities. Utilizing a unique vinyl loop sole, GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) fit conveniently over work shoes and boots and serve to increase traction in wet, soapy, waxy and oily areas. GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) will not harm floors and are perfect for messy maintenance activities.

GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) unique red soles are designed to sponge away slick contaminants from underfoot. The vinyl material itself is formulated for maximum slip resistance. The sponge-like soles feature a flow through design that is comprised of recessed grooves. These grooves help to channel liquids away from the underfoot area of the shoe. The red vinyl loop is configured to reduce the tendency for contaminants to clog the sole and limit effectiveness. GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with water.

GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) breathable stretch design will fit over most work shoes, sneakers and boots with ease. GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) Lite features the revolutionary "Dual Pull-Tab" for extreme ease of on/off. This patented design enables the user to expand the product in both length and width so as to easily mount on all types of footwear.

GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) Lite was created for maximum durability and are designed to last for several years reducing the need for replacements. GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) Lite are available in sizes ranging from XS - XL and come in industrial black.

GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) Lite provide excellent traction indoors in wet slick areas and won't damage floors. By increasing traction in these situations, employers can reduce the risk of employee slips and falls and the resulting worker's compensation claims.

GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS(TM) Lite is part of JORDAN DAVID'S full line of All Traction(TM) Footwear. For more information contact JORDAN DAVID, toll free 1-888-No-Slips.

CONTACT: Jonathan Bell
Jordan David
400 Babylon Rd.,
Pennsylvania 19044

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