Footwear enables firm footing in winter conditions.

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Worn over work shoes and boots, GRIP-X(TM) All-Traction(TM) Footwear has 16 traction spikes that provide slip resistance when treading over or working in ice, snow, slush, and freezing rain. Tungsten carbide studs penetrate slippery conditions underfoot and help reduce falls and resulting injuries. In addition to aggressive treaded sole design, XS to XL-sized footwear also features dual pull-tab design that facilitates on/off and heel strike spike that ensures safer footing.

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Introducing GRIP-X(TM) All-Traction(TM) Footwear

JORDAN DAVID, Horsham, PA introduces GRIP-X(TM) All-Traction(TM) Footwear is a new footwear from JORDAN DAVID, the leading manufacturer of All-Traction(TM) Footwear in North America.

GRIP-X(TM) is designed to provide superior slip resistance in all winter conditions including ice, snow, slush and freezing rain. GRIP-X(TM) will significantly reduce exposure to slips and falls and the resulting lost workday injuries that occur.

GRIP-X(TM) fit conveniently over work shoes and boots and feature 16 traction spikes that enable firm footing in winter's worst conditions. These tungsten carbide studs are dynamically engineered to increase traction above and beyond that of normal rubber soled footwear. These tiny studs penetrate the slippery conditions underfoot and help to make dangerous occupational walking conditions safe for employees. The tungsten carbide stud is housed in a patented two-piece spike clip which helps to maintain maximum spike retention.

Utilizing a unique "clamping" technique, the traction spikes on GRIP-X(TM) are engineered for maximum durability and will last far longer than prior technologies. GRIP-X(TM) also features an aggressive treaded sole design, which further enhances traction in slick conditions.

GRIP-X(TM) features a unique "Dual Pull-Tab" for extreme ease of on/off. This patented design enables the user to expand the product in both length and width so as to easily mount on all types of footwear,. This design overcomes the disadvantages of the single pull-tab.

GRIP-X(TM) also features a key "Heel Strike" spike placed strategically at the rear most portion of the foot. The placement of this spike enables it to make the first contact with the walking surface, which ensures safer footing.

GRIP-X(TM) is built for maximum durability and comes with an unconditional guarantee against manufacturer's defects. GRIP-X(TM) is available in a variety of sizes ranging from a XS-XL.

Slips, trips and falls are one of the top causes of industrial accident. Presently they account for nearly 15% of all lost workday accidents according to the National Safety Council's 2006 Accident Facts. GRIP-X(TM) is designed to help reduce those accidents and help to keep employees safe and on the job.

GRIP-X(TM) are part of JORDAN DAVID'S full line of All-Traction(TM) Footwear. For more information contact JORDAN DAVID, toll free 1-888 No-Slips (888-667-5477), or visit

Contact: Jonathan Bell

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