Food Safety Again in the News

Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps for food safe and balanced spectrum food lighting in retail stores

Shawnigan Lake, BC, May 21, 2007- Introduction of the new American Food Safety Act of 2007, designed to create a US Food Safety Administration that could keep the American food supply safe from contamination, has drawn attention to food safety as a subject for in-depth CNN coverage on May 18 - 20. CNN reported that "the proposed legislation comes on the heels of a number of widespread outbreaks of food-borne illness" and produced news specials that intensified their focus on sources of food contamination that pose serious dangers to consumers across North America.

Food poisoning cases result mainly from bacterial contamination such as E. coli, salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, staphylococcus, shigella, Vibrio species.US statistics show that each year there are 76 million incidents of food poisoning, leading to 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths. How preventable are those cases and the unnumbered cases that never get reported but cause sickness and discomfort? Promolux can help retailers reduce light induced damage and control temperatures in merchandising cabinets for the hours and days that foods are on display.

Promolux designed their balanced spectrum low radiation lamps to filter out damaging ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths in the interests of protecting food safety, extending shelf life and maintaining product quality in meats, dairy and all fresh foods. Promolux can easily become part of every retail store's food safety strategy. Promolux Safe Spectrum technology produces natural, balanced light suited to illuminating supermarket displays of perishable foods and reduces the dangers of surface warming and unchecked bacterial growth.

Promolux invites inquiries about their balanced spectrum lamps for food safe lighting and true color definition at Available in nearly 30 countries, Promolux lamps come in all standard sizes and wattages. Promolux lighting combines superior color rendering with reduction of harmful radiation. Market Group Ventures, Inc., the parent corporation for Promolux, is a world leader in providing retail technology solutions for merchandisers.

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