Fontijne Grotnes Group and Sango Co, Ltd Sign License Agreement

The Japanese manufacturer of automotive components Sango and the Fontijne Grotnes Group, a Dutch supplier of innovative processes and manufacturing equipment, signed a license agreement. Under this license agreement the Fontijne Grotnes Group company Fontijne Formitt will be able to market equipment with eccentric (EST) and oblique (OST) spinforming technologies used for producing Catalytic Converters at lower costs and higher reliability.

The EST and OST spinning process forms a reduced end profile that is eccentric or at an oblique angle from the tube’s central axis. The Fontijne Formitt spinforming technologies are capable of producing one piece products, which eliminates the need for additional parts, such as welded end cones and their associated costs.

This spinning method makes part development and product changes possible in a fraction of the time and cost when compared to the hours and expense of redesigning and building cone die tooling.

All Fontijne Formitt supplied spinformers use CNC control systems for easy programming, and rapid part profile changeover.

Working of our eccentric (EST) and oblique (OST) spinforming equipment

The machine is equipped with a work holding clamp, and uses a two roll rotating head for part forming without rotating the part. Continuous headstock rotation eliminates acceleration and deceleration times from the part cycle. This machine utilizes an on-board trimming mechanism to trim the post-spun part ends accurately and automatically in the same loading. This feature increases productivity by eliminating the need for an operator to load the part twice (spin & trim machines).

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