Folding Glass Wall holds back hurricanes.

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Made of modular, 3 x 8 ft glass panels, framed in rugged extruded aluminum, Nana Wall(TM) SL72 glass-wall system withstands hurricane-force winds, rain, and flying debris. System can comprise any custom size up to 36 ft wide, allowing entire wall, or one portion of it, to be folded away and stowed at sides. Configurations include in-swing and out-swing, different folding directions, and double French doors. Locking mechanism engages multiple points simultaneously.

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Vanishing Glass Wall Can Hold Back A Hurricane

Top-Rated Nana Wall Opens To Reveal Vistas, Yet Can Seal Tight Against Mother Nature

MILL VALLEY, Calif., August 22, 2003-The prettiest vistas often come at a price. For every custom home that touts spectacular views, the desire to bring the outdoors inside is countered by the real-world necessity of protection against the elements when the weather turns harsh. Now, however, it's possible to have the best of both worlds, thanks to the Nana Wall(TM) SL72 folding glass wall system from NANA WALL SYSTEMS. While it looks as delicate and airy as a wall of glass-its rugged construction has been rated to withstand hurricane-force wind, rain, and flying debris. The Nana Wall(TM) SL72 is the only one of its kind to easily pass the Miami/Dade County, Florida, hurricane test.

The Nana Wall(TM) SL72 is made of modular glass panels measuring three-by-eight feet, framed in rugged extruded aluminum. The system can comprise any custom size up to 36 feet wide allowing the entire wall, or just a portion of it, to be easily folded away and stowed at the sides. This allows for stunning designs to grace everything from dining areas and living quarters to pool decks and lounge rooms. It increases light and space and blends the indoors with the outdoors while protecting living areas from Mother Nature's seasonal mood swings.

Design options are limitless when it comes to size, style and color. With numerous configurations available, including in-swing and out-swing, different folding directions, as well as double French doors, each Nana Wall(TM) offers a unique answer to any distinct opening specifications. In addition to providing security against the elements-specifically, government-mandated tests against air, water, (hurricane strength) structural loading, and the brutal "large missile impact"-the Nana Wall(TM) SL72 provides security against intruders, too, with a user-friendly locking mechanism that engages multiple points simultaneously.

For complete information about the Nana Wall(TM) SL72, or any of the other revolutionary Nana Wall(TM) "vanishing glass wall" products, call NANA WALL SYSTEMS at (888) 411-NANA, or visit the award-winning Web site (including a vast photo gallery, case studies and complete animations of the Nana Wall(TM) in use) at

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