Fogery Prevention with Intercept Technology

There has been a recent surge in the focus on fighting counterfeiting of products.  Often products look the same, are packaged the same, but counterfeit parts do not perform the same.  Companies are often left with both lost sales and liability if the counterfeit product fails.  The goal of course is to ensure that the customer is receiving the genuine article.

One unique way that some International companies have used to provide anti-counterfeiting packaging is the use of Static Intercept™ film. Static Intercept® is a permanent, humidity independent ESD protection film that is dark brown in color, so it is relatively unassuming.   Often the dark brown color is mistaken for black, with people assuming that it is simply a conductive bag.  It is in these two facts that the use of Static Intercept, as an anti-counterfeiting packaging, keys in on.  The security measure relies on the fact that Static Intercept™ will always be in the range of 10e7 to 10e8 Ω/square - an ESD measurement that is almost impossible for other ESD materials to meet.

The Surface Resistance is measured with a simple ESD meter and takes only seconds to test. The color and the unique ESD range makes the material difficult to replicate whole allowing it to be quickly and easily tested, making for a practical combination of capabilities to fight counterfeiting.  Companies have outfitted their warehouses and distribution points with inexpensive Surface Resistivity meters and then a quick, easy ESD check ensures the bag is genuine and by extension what is inside as well.

Our product’s benefits extend further than just to security and anti-counterfeiting. Using Intercept bags also provides long term, contamination free, stable corrosion and tarnish protection.  This ensures solderability for electrical devices, boards and components.  Intercept provides this corrosion protection without the use of any volatiles, oils or other contaminants.  The effective corrosion protection of Intercept allows for the elimination of oil coating on metal surfaces to provide corrosion protection.   The company with the anti-counterfeiting example above was also able to eliminate their use of oils for corrosion protection on bearing assemblies.  New laws in Europe limit oils and plastics, classifying them as non-recyclable.  Finally, the German automotive industry has a requirement for 15-year storage of all spare parts, to ensure supply.  Intercept packaging has been approved for 15 year storage, using the same packaging; only Intercept provides this level of long-term effective corrosion protection.  When the company is done with their Intercept packaging, they can choose to either re-use it or simply recycle it as a colored PE plastic, completely environmentally friendly.

Please give us a call to discuss more instances of PureStat Engineered Technology's products being used as "smart packaging" whether to provide corrosion protection or to ensure genuine products.


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