Focus: IEC 61850

Phase 1 of our IEC 61850 integration into the OrionLX is now available for purchase. This first phase includes IEC 61850 MMS Client and subscription to GOOSE messages. Phase 2 will include 61850 MMS Server and GOOSE Publish.

IEC 61850 Integration in NCD

During configuration, IED "CID" files become OrionLX "IED pick lists", and points are simply dragged and dropped from a new expanding tree structure listing all available points from the IEC 61850 IED. Selected 61850 IED points can be presented to any supported Slave protocol such as IEC 60870-5-101 or DNP3.

Ordering and Upgrade

The order code for IEC 61850 is #103. The High Performance OrionLX CPU (-CPX) is a required option to support 61850, and OrionLX firmware must be version 7.5 or higher. Users who purchased this initial phase of IEC 61850 now will be able to add in Server and GOOSE Publish at no extra cost. The upgrade process will be the same as for any other protocol upgrade.

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