Foam Pear Trays Minimize scuffing/bruising, Reduce Pack Times

Wayne, Pa. (September 13, 2016) - Foam pear trays from Dolco Packaging, a Tekni-Plex company, have been engineered to minimize scuffing and bruising of the fruit in transit, as well as reduce pack times.

Dolco thermoformed polystyrene foam trays feature grips molded into each individual cell. The mini fluting gently holds the fruit in place, minimizing its ability to rotate in the cell during transport. The deep cells mean more of the pear is enveloped. Less exposure helps to minimize damage. The tray’s smooth inner/outer surface enables the fruit to be cradled comfortably, which helps improve yield.

“Our goal is to engineer trays that can help growers and packers get fruit to market with a minimal amount of damage. We believe that our foam pear trays can do just that,” said Randy Stefanchik, national sales director, Dolco.

The company has designed the foam trays so that they can go directly from the shipping case to display, without the fruit having to be removed and restacked. The tray structure provides enough rigidity so that the loaded trays do not collapse inside the carton. Because the pears are displayed against a black foam background, they stand out visually, which helps draw consumer attention to retail displays.

Faster, more cost-effective pack times are possible because Dolco pear trays do not require individual fruit to be tissue wrapped, nor pads in between layers to protect against abrasion. They can be simply stacked inside a carton. This results in labor, material and inventory cost savings. Five Euro tray sizes are available.

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