Foam-in-Bag System offers barcode scanning capabilities.

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With barcode scanning interface, SpeedyPacker Insight® let customers utilize existing unique product identification barcode to automatically initiate pre-programmed package design and cushion sequence. Automated process minimizes potential for both under packaging and over packaging. To program system, companies input design and sequence information into spreadsheet, which is then uploaded onto SpeedyPacker via USB drive. Single USB drive can be used to download information to multiple systems.

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Sealed Air, Inventor of Instapak®Foam-in-Place Packaging, Reinvents Foam-in-Bag System with Advanced Automated Capabilities

Bar Code Scanning Enhancement to Sealed Air's SpeedyPacker Insight® System
Improves Package Consistency, Productivity & Helps Control Costs

DANBURY, Conn. - In line with its commitment to continuous R&D and advancing automated packaging solutions, Sealed Air has enhanced its SpeedyPacker Insight® foam-in-bag system with bar code scanning capabilities, resulting in greater package consistency, increased productivity and an improved bottom line for its customers. The new interface allows customers to utilize their existing unique product identification bar code to automatically initiate a pre-programmed package design and cushion sequence. By automating this process, Sealed Air has reduced the potential for under packaging, which can lead to damage, as well as over packaging, which results in costly packaging waste. Because the packers no longer have to choose which cushions go with which product, the learning curve for new and seasonal labor is dramatically reduced.

To program the system, companies simply input design and sequence information into a spreadsheet, which is then uploaded onto the SpeedyPacker Insight®system through a USB drive. A single USB drive can be used to download the information to multiple systems in high-volume operations, eliminating the need to manually program each system through the operator touch screen. Once the spreadsheet is loaded, the system can store unique information for tens of thousands of bar codes, while changes and additions can easily be made in seconds by downloading updated spreadsheets. To make the bar code programming as effortless as possible for customers, Sealed Air's expertly trained sales and account representatives can perform a complete packaging audit of customer operations to ensure seamless integration.

"We know our customers are looking for easy and low cost ways to incorporate consistency, efficiency and cost control methods into their packaging operations without interrupting their existing product flow," Tim McInerney, Sealed Air product manager for Instapak® foam packaging, said. "By integrating bar code scanning into our existing SpeedyPacker Insight®system, our customers will benefit from a faster, easier and more productive packaging process."

The SpeedyPacker Insight®system is a fast and flexible solution capable of producing traditional foam-in-bag cushions as well as Continuous Foam Tubes (CFTs) for virtually any application. Ideal for online and integrated production assembly lines, the system can be used with any of Sealed Air's 14 unique Instapak®foam formulations and SpeedyPacker® film.

To learn more about the Instapak®SpeedyPacker Insight® System and its capabilities, please call 1-800-648-9093 or visit

About Sealed Air

For more than 50 years, Sealed Air has been a leading global innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of packaging and performance-based materials and equipment systems that now serve an array of food, industrial, medical, and consumer applications. Operating in 51 countries, Sealed Air's international reach generated revenue of $4.5 billion in 2010. With widely recognized brands such as Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, Jiffy® protective mailers, Instapak® foam-in-place systems and Cryovac®packaging technology, Sealed Air continues to identify new trends, foster new markets, and deliver innovative solutions to its customers. For more information about Sealed Air, please visit the Company's website at

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