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Flywheel Power System protects UPS batteries from whiplash.

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Flywheel Power System protects UPS batteries from whiplash.

May 01, 2003 - Voltage Support Solution(TM) Model VSS-120 provides stable, extended-life DC voltage source to condition or replace batteries in UPS systems. It delivers 2,400 kW-sec of energy, sufficient to support loads ranging from 120 kW for 20 sec to 10 kVA for 5 min. Self-contained unit is housed in cabinet requiring 6 sq ft of floor space and operates over -20 to +80°C. It can be recharged at same rate as it discharges. Once fully charged, unit requires 120 W for standby operation.

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Pentadyne Introduces New Flywheel Product Targeting Reliability Improvements in UPS Applications

Press release date: Apr 28, 2003

Chatsworth, Calif. - April 28, 2003 - The new Pentadyne Voltage Support Solution(TM) flywheel power system provides a stable, reliable, low maintenance, extended-life DC voltage source to condition or completely replace batteries in UPS systems. As a battery conditioner, the Model VSS-120 minimizes the battery discharge "whiplash" effects commonly experienced with each use, thus improving battery reliability and preserving battery capacity for occasions that demand a longer back-up time. In addition, the VSS-120 can completely eliminate the need for UPS batteries in many applications by providing sufficient ride-through for an orderly system shutdown or until a standby engine-generator can come on-line. The Model VSS-120 delivers 2,400 kilowatt-seconds of energy, sufficient to support loads ranging from 120KW for 20 seconds to 10kVA for 5 minutes.

The compact, self-contained Pentadyne Voltage Support Solution is housed in a cabinet requiring about six square feet of floor space and weighing around 1,000 lbs. In contrast to batteries, the VSS-120 requires no special environmental control and operates over -20C to 80C. Unlike battery systems, the VSS-120 can be recharged at the same rate as it discharges; and once fully charged, it requires just 120W for standby operation. The system is designed for a 15-year life before any major service is required.

Taking the sting out of battery whiplash Batteries used in UPS applications often deteriorate unpredictably and typically fail or are routinely replaced within a few years; the expected battery life is rarely realized. A contributing cause is "coup de fouet" or "whiplash." Batteries experience a dramatic initial voltage drop when called upon. The voltage recovers after a short time once the electro-chemical discharge process is established. As battery capacity diminishes with successive discharges, the whiplash becomes progressively more severe. Pentadyne's Voltage Support Solution minimizes battery whiplash by handling short-term demands, thereby protecting the battery and preserving its capacity, which results in higher system reliability and lower life-cycle costs.

Availability: 1Q, 2004 (Units available in 2H, 2003 at higher prices) Delivery: 12-16 weeks, ARO

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About Pentadyne Pentadyne designs, manufactures and markets advanced flywheel power systems that provide high quality, reliable power for power quality sensitive customers, urban rail power recycling, and urban transportation. Whether integrated into other products or used alone, Pentadyne's flywheel systems provide an economic, long lasting, low maintenance, lightweight and environmentally sound power solution for a range of applications. Pentadyne is backed by leading venture capital groups and industry players including Nth Power, DTE Energy, MVV Innovations, Sempra Energy, Electricite de France and Ben Rosen (co-founder of Sevin Rosen and Chairman emeritus of Compaq Computer). For more information, please visit or contact the representatives below.