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Flying Cut-Off Press offers flexibility via servo drive.

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Flying Cut-Off Press offers flexibility via servo drive.

Jan 22, 2013 - Using servo drive, pneumatic flying cut-off press provides flexibility to perform stamping and roll forming operations as well as extrusion applications. Operators can stamp, punch, cut, or pierce variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and rubber. Servo drive also helps accelerate line speed. Able to be used as part of stamping work cell or anchor front or back of roll forming line, press offers production uptime of 98% and requires minimal maintenance is minimal.

Airam Press Co. Ltd. - Covington, OH

Original Press Release

Airam Increases Throughput, Expands Range of Applications for Flying Cut-Off Press with New Servo Drive

Press release date: Jan 17, 2013

Covington, Ohio – Airam Press Co. Ltd., has designed and engineered a pneumatic flying cut-off press to use a servo drive that gives it the flexibility to perform stamping  and roll forming operations as well as extrusion applications.  Customers using the new flying cut-off, servo-drive combination can stamp, punch, cut or pierce a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and rubber. With a servo drive, line speed can be accelerated which increases production. The servo-driven flying cut-off press can be used as part of a stamping work cell or anchor the front or back of a roll forming line. 

“Fabricators continue to look for alternative ways to do more with less,” says Matt Barkman, sales manager for AIRAM.  “Customers are primarily concerned with the number of quality parts they can produce in a specified period of time.  The servo-driven flying cut-off can move in and out of the material three times faster when compared to similarly-equipped hydraulic and mechanical presses. Tooling doesn’t have to travel as far which decreases the overall footprint saving valuable space.”

The Airam press is an easy-to-install, low-cost alternative with a production uptime of 98 percent.  Maintenance is minimal.  With fewer moving parts and no recirculating lubrication, the only components requiring grease are the guideposts.

Airam’s leadership and technical staff offer extensive experience, technical knowledge and in-depth application engineering expertise to assist customers with selecting the right production system.   In addition to the press, Airam has the knowledge and ability to design a turnkey system that can include tooling, feeding equipment, part handling automation, and other ancillary equipment.  Airam cost effectively custom designs presses to fit customers’ individual needs. Airam also has a comprehensive spare parts inventory as well as rebuild and preventative maintenance programs to provide key customers with key support services.  Committed to equipping customers with the tools they need to be competitive, Airam offers flexible production systems in tandem or stand- alone configurations with the capability to manufacture quality parts at low cost.  With more than 40 years of innovation, Airam has manufactured and shipped more than 5,000 presses worldwide.

Technical contact:
Matt Barkman
Sales Manager
PH 800-842-4726