Flux-Cored Wires are used for mild steel welding.

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Offered in 6 types, UltraCore gas-shielded, flux-cored wires deliver smooth and stable arc performance. ProTech foil bag packaging minimizes moisture and increases resistance to cracking and gas tracking. General-purpose UltraCore 71A75 Dual is used with straight CO2 or mixed gases, UltraCore 712A80 (E71T-12) offers impact resistance, and UltraCore 71A85 (E71T-1) works with high argon mixed gases. Other types include UltraCore 712C (E71T-12), UltraCore 71C, and UltraCore 712A80-H.

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New Ultracore Line of Wires from Lincoln Electric Deliver Smooth, Consistent Properties

o New line of gas-shielded, flux-cored wire for a variety of targeted mild steel applications o UltraCore wires offer tight tolerances and tremendous arc stability o All electrodes delivered in ProTech packaging for improved quality and consistency Cleveland, OH - The Lincoln Electric Company has introduced the new UltraCore line of gas-shielded, flux-cored wires for mild steel welding that deliver smooth and stable arc performance - each designed for a particular shielding gas mix, group of welding positions or industrial applications. In manufacturing, UltraCore's extremely tight chemical composition, diameter and other tolerances produce unparalleled performance consistency for reliable mechanical properties and arc action you can depend on from weld to weld. UltraCore wires feature Lincoln's new ProTech foil bag packaging, which minimizes moisture and increases resistance to cracking and gas tracking. The UltraCore line features six new products: UltraCore 71A75 Dual - A general-purpose wire that can be used with either straight CO2 or mixed gases. 71A75 Dual delivers a stable arc, low spatter and a smooth bead for general applications. UltraCore 712A80 - Lincoln's best-running E71T-12 with superior arc characteristics and high impacts in a variety of applications, such as offshore, tank and pressure-vessel fabrication. Robust impact values regardless of the notch location in the joint make this a favorite for designers who require consistently high impacts. UltraCore 71A85 - Designed for high argon mixed gases welding in shipbuilding and structural fabrication. It is Lincoln's best-running E71T-1 for high-argon gas blends with superior arc stability and fast-freezing slag for easy out-of-position welding, even with 1/16-inch wire. UltraCore 712C - For tank and shipbuilding applications using straight CO2, it is a versatile E71T-12 choice with consistently high impact values regardless of the notch location in the weld joint. Tensiles are capped at 90 ksi to help reduce cracking. UltraCore 71C - For economy welding with straight CO2 shielding gas in shipbuilding and barge applications. 71C delivers superior arc characteristics for single and multi-pass welds. It produces fast-freezing slag for easy out-of-position welding down to 1/16-inch diameter. UltraCore 712A80-H - Designed to achieve low hydrogen levels for the toughest applications in heavy equipment, offshore and pressure-vessel fabrications. It is ideal for all-position, single or multi-pass welding on heavy sections where hydrogen-induced cracking is a concern. With 712A80-H, the need for preheating is potentially reduced and prep time eliminated. All UltraCore wires are manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental standards. Lincoln Electric is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic arc-welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. These products are available at a welding supply store near you. Or, call 888-355-3213, or visit www.lincolnelectric.com to obtain bulletin C3.12 to learn more about the UltraCore line of flux-cored wires.

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