Flux-Cored Wire provides low-temperature impact toughness.

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Offered in 0.045, 0.052, and 1/16 in. dia, FabCO® 812-Ni1M wire can be used for all-position welding in single- or multi-pass applications. Low alloy wire, operating with shielding gas blend of 70%–80% argon and balance of CO2, creates welds with tensile strength of 93,000 psi and yield strength of 80,000 psi. Meeting NACE requirements, wire creates weld deposit containing <1% nickel and <248 HV10 hardness. Product exhibits minimized diffusible hydrogen levels and moisture pickup.

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Flux-Cored Wire Provides Excellent Low-Temperature Toughness for Critical Applications

TROY, Ohio. — The new FabCO® 812-Ni1M wire from Hobart has been formulated to provide excellent low-temperature impact toughness for critical applications, including offshore drilling rigs, transmission and process piping, jackup rig fabrication and shipbuilding. Low diffusible hydrogen levels and low moisture pickup further mitigate the risk of cracking, even after wire exposure, and can reduce preheat requirements to minimize downtime for weld preparation. This gas-shielded low alloy wire consistently maintains good mechanical properties in the as-welded condition and after post-weld stress relief. It creates a weld deposit containing less than 1 percent nickel and less than 248 HV10 hardness, allowing it to meet NACE requirements demanded by many oil and gas applications.

Operating with a shielding gas blend of 70 to 80 percent argon and a balance of CO2, the FabCO 812-Ni1M wire creates welds with a tensile strength of 93,000 psi and a yield strength of 80,000 psi. The wire is usable for all-position welding for single- or multi-pass applications, and is available in 0.045-, 0.052- and 1/16-inch diameters on 33-pound spools.

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