Fluoropolymer Coatings have ultra-low VOCs.

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With less than 100 g VOC/L, Series 1070V Fluoronar features gloss finish while Series 1071V Fluoronar consists of semi-gloss formulation. High-solids products resist damaging effects of UV light and achieve consistent film thickness, so they can be applied by brush, roll, or spray. Available in more than 500 colors, coatings are suitable for high-profile architectural projects.

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New Versions of Fluoropolymer Technology Offer Low VOCs

New Versions of Tnemec Fluoropolymer Technology Offer Low VOCs, Long-Term Color and Gloss Retention

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) - Tnemec Company Inc., has introduced ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) versions of its fluoropolymer coating technology, according to Mark Thomas, vice-president, marketing. "This line of products enables the use of fluoropolymer in areas of the country where environmental regulations require low-VOC coating systems," Thomas observed. "With less than 100 grams VOC per liter, these coatings offer better color and gloss retention than even the best polyurethanes."

Series 1070V Fluoronar with its gloss finish and Series 1071V Fluoronar in a semi-gloss formulation are a complement to Tnemec's existing line of Fluoronar products. "These products are new, lower VOC versions of our popular Fluoronar fluoropolymer topcoats," Thomas said. "They deliver all the color and gloss retention Tnemec customers have come to expect from this ultra-high performance technology."

Fluoronar coatings are a higher-solids product with the ability to achieve adequate and consistent film thicknesses, so they can be can be applied by brush, roll or spray. "Due to the nature of the chemistry, many of the fluoropolymer-based overcoat products on the market are relatively low solids (25 percent to 40 percent by volume)," Thomas noted. "This can present problems for projects requiring partial brush and roller application."

Available in more than 500 colors, the Fluoronar coatings are excellent for high-profile architectural projects because of their ultra-durable finish. Under certain conditions, the coatings may be used to restore aged fluoropolymer coil-applied coatings or for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications.

Among the projects that have used low VOC Fluoronar coatings is the 62-story Aon Center High Rise in Los Angeles, California, where the existing coating system on the building was starting to chip and flake. Series 1070V Fluoronar was specified as the finish coat for its exceptional color and gloss retention. "It has the ability to resist the damaging effects of UV light and its fluoropolymer resin is more stable than acrylic or conventional polyurethane resin," coating consultant Dustin Kaatz noted. "And with less than 100 grams per liter of VOCs, the topcoat meets South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) regulations in the Los Angeles basin."

"The project required the lower levels and front entrance to be recoated under an extremely tight deadline," Kaatz added. "Racing the clock, we were able to match the half-metallic and half-solid color perfectly and keep the renovation on schedule."

Other high-profile projects that have used low VOC Fluoronar coating systems include the historic Chinatown Gateway in Los Angeles; the colorful North Hollywood Gateway in Los Angeles; a Great America Place office renovation in Santa Clara, Calif.; and the Versailles condominiums in San Mateo, Calif.

Tnemec offers a complete line of high-performance, low-VOC coating systems, including zinc-rich primers, epoxies, urethanes and fluoropolymers for use in those regions of the country where stricter limits on VOCs are being enforced.


Established in 1921, Tnemec is one of the largest privately held companies in North America, specializing in industrial coatings for steel, concrete and other substrates for new construction and maintenance. More than 120 architectural and industrial coating products are manufactured at facilities in Kansas City and Baltimore. Headquartered in Kansas City, Tnemec operates distribution facilities in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle and Compton, Calif. In addition to the company's national network of technical representatives, Tnemec has technical representatives in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Trinidad. For more information on Tnemec Company Inc. or any of its products, call 800-863-6321; write to 6800 Corporate Drive, Kansas City, Mo., 64120-1372; or visit www.tnemec.com.

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