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Fluorescent Light Fittings feature explosion-proof design.

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Fluorescent Light Fittings feature explosion-proof design.

Feb 02, 2011 - Certified for Zones 2 and 22 in accordance with ATEX and IECEx standards, nLLK 09 Ex-Light Fittings operate in ambient temperatures from -25 to +60°C, making them suited for oil refineries, chemical plants, and onshore/offshore installations. Units utilize EVG09 dual-channel electronic ballast for G13 bi-pin fluorescent lamps, fulfilling End of Life and Increased Safety requirements of IEC 60079-7. Available in 2 x 18 W to 2 x 58 W sizes, fittings are rated 220-254 Vac, 50/60Hz and 195-250 Vdc.

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Explosion-Proof Fluorescent Light Fittings for Zone 2 and 22 Now Available

Press release date: Jan 29, 2011

COOPER Crouse-Hinds has launched a new range of high temperature explosion-proof fluorescent light fittings, which are certified for use in Zones 2 and 22 in accordance with the European Directive (ATEX) and the IECEx standards.

The new nLLK 09 Ex-light fittings are approved for use in ambient temperatures from -25 deg C up to +60 deg C. This means the light fittings are ideally suited to outdoor use in areas with high ambient temperatures, including oil refineries, chemical plants, onshore and offshore installations. The light fittings are also ideal for internal areas where high temperatures are expected over long periods of time.

In terms of the highly competitive market for Ex-light fittings for Zone 2, the nLLK 09 is unique in the fact that it utilises COOPER Crouse-Hinds' EVG09 dual-channel electronic ballast for G13 bi-pin fluorescent lamps. This fulfils the relevant "End Of Life" and "Increased Safety" requirements of IEC 60079-7.

The nLLK 09's standard single-sided through-wiring and generously large terminal compartment provide a very cost effective product in terms of installation, servicing and maintenance. A double-sided safety lock with 10, 20 or 24 latch points enables the protective bowl to be hinged on both sides, which means the light fitting can be mounted easily without having to worry about which side is the correct side, therefore minimising installation times.

The nLLK 09 series complements COOPER Crouse-Hinds' existing nLLK 08 range of Ex-light fittings. The nLLK 09 is available in standard sizes from 2 x 18W up to 1 x 58W and 2 x 58W versions, with or without through-wiring and with various types of cable entries. Rated voltage range is 220V-254V AC, 50/60Hz and 195V to 250V DC.

Gordon Low, Marketing Segment Manager at COOPER Crouse-Hinds UK Ltd comments: "What really sets the nLLK 09 apart from current competing lamps on the market is that it has identical electrical properties to our nLLK 08 series but offers an extended permissible temperature range of up to 60 deg C, whilst also providing the same mechanical impact resistance as a Zone 1/21 enclosure."

For more information on COOPER Crouse-Hinds' nLLK 09 Series of Ex-light fittings, please contact the UK sales office on 02476 308930 or email or visit

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