Fluorescent Light Cart operates in hazardous locations.

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Featuring upright, explosion proof design, Model EPLUC-48-432 can be moved around work area by tilting back and rolling into position. Cart is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with folding aluminum handle, 2 solid rubber wheels at bottom, and 2 uni-directional caster wheels at top. Incorporating pair of EPL-48-216 explosion proof light fixtures with 8 T5-HO fluorescent lamps, system produces 40,000 lumens. Lamps are protected by heat- and impact-resistant Pyrex tubes and heavy wire grates.

Original Press Release:

Larson Electronics Announces Release of High Output Upright Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light Cart

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com announced today the release of an upright aluminum wheeled light cart designed for use in hazardous locations. The EPLUC-48-432 aluminum upright explosion proof light cart is designed to provide operators with an explosion proof and paint spray booth approved high output lighting solution that combines the full powered output of fixed lighting with the easy maneuverability of portable lighting.

The EPLUC-48-432 upright explosion proof light cart from Magnalight.com is a high output fluorescent lighting system designed for use in hazardous locations where a highly mobile light source is desired. The EPLUC-48-432 explosion proof light cart is UL listed Class 1 Division 1, UL 1598 Marine Type approved, and is certified for paint spray booth use. The wheeled cart design provides operators with the ability to easily maneuver the light about the work area simply by tilting the unit back and rolling it into position. The cart is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and is fitted with a folding aluminum handle, a pair of solid rubber wheels at the bottom, and two uni-directional caster wheels at the top. This four wheel design allows the user to not only easily roll the unit around the workplace, but to also unfold the handle and lay the unit flat and roll it underneath vehicles or into hard to reach areas. This light cart incorporates a pair of Magnalight’s EPL-48-216 explosion proof light fixtures fitted with eight T5-HO fluorescent lamps to produce a total of 40,000 lumens of high quality illumination. The fluorescent lamps are protected from damage by heat and impact resistant Pyrex tubes and heavy wire grates to prevent potential shattering should objects fall on the cart. The lamp assemblies and reflectors are constructed of non-sparking aluminum coated with a high gloss reflective finish to provide high efficiency and resistance to corrosion. Magnalight has also included with this cart 50 feet of chemical and abrasion resistant cord fitted with an explosion proof plug and an explosion proof inline switch for safe and easy operation. This explosion proof light cart is T6 temperature rated and paint booth certified, multi-voltage 120 VAC to 277 VAC capable, and suitable for use in wet locations and marine environments. Magnalight also offers a wide range of options with this cart such as longer cords, higher wattage lamps, and LED lamps to allow users to tailor the design to their specific needs. This upright aluminum fluorescent light cart is ideal for paint booth lighting applications, aircraft maintenance, oil drilling rigs, refineries, and anywhere a powerful and safe explosion proof lighting solution with high mobility is desired.

“The EPLUC-48-432 explosion proof, mobile paint spray booth cart is designed to be used upright or operators can lay it down and roll it under the parts they are coating,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com.  “This dolly style configuration is an alternative to our EPLC-48-432 roller style, explosion proof paint spray light cart in that the operator can push it around like a lawn mower while standing upright.  This new eight lamp cart provides twice the illumination of our previous EPLUC-48-4L while still providing operators an easy to maneuver lighting solution for hazardous locations.”

Larson Electronics offers a wide array of explosion proof lighting and hazardous location lighting, paint spray booth lights, explosion proof fluorescent lights and LED paint booth lights. Magnalight.com provides a full line of industrial grade lighting suitable for any size job or location and can custom tailor lighting to the specific needs of customers. You can learn more at magnalight.com or contact 1-800-369-6671 (1-903-498-3363 international).

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