Fluids Processing System processes samples down to 14 ml.

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With pressures to 18,000 psi and flowrate to 270 ml/min, M-110L Laboratory Microfluidizer® processor produces microemulsions, cell disruption, and microencapsulations. Ceramic interaction chamber applies intense energy on formulation streams and collides in microscopic channels at high velocity. System includes stainless steel enclosure, small diameter tubing for minimum holdup volume, 200 ml glass reservoir, and removable circulation loops and cooling oil.

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Microfluidics Announces M-110L Laboratory Microfluidizer® Processor

Increases Yield in Cell Rupture, Produces Smoother Microemulsions and Finer Micro-encapsulations

Newton, Mass. - Microfluidics presents the M-110L Laboratory Microfluidizer® processor, a high shear fluids processing system for lab volume microemulsions, cell disruption, and microencapsulations. With pressures up to 18,000 psi using standard lab air and a flowrate range of up to 270 ml/min, the M-110L produces premium results at an affordable cost.

The M-110L can process samples as small as 14 ml. It is ideal for producing high yields in cell rupture with minimal processing and easy recovery. Cell walls are ruptured by shearing forces that do not destroy cell contents, and allow for easy separation.

Through the use of Microfluidics' patented Microfluidizer processor technology, the M-110L achieves high pressure with low air draw. The process is particularly useful in the production of injectable drugs, emollients, medical formulations and liposomes.

The M-110L comes equipped with a ceramic interaction chamber, which applies intense energy on formulation streams and collides in microscopic channels at high velocity. Standard features include a polished stainless steel full system enclosure, small diameter tubing for minimum holdup volume, a 200 ml glass reservoir, and removable circulation loops and cooling oil. Additionally, the M-110L includes a spare parts kit, and an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) plunger seal.

As with other Microfluidizer systems, the M-110L incorporates interaction chamber technology, and results obtained in research and development are consistently scalable to higher-volume processors.

The M-110L is CE Compliant, and includes optional equipment such as a sanitary pressure transducer, and autoclavable unit sterilizable to 121 degrees Celsius, a diamond interaction chamber, and a mechanical pressure gauge. Additionally, a 25 ml capacity recirculation reservoir, spare interaction chambers, and 400 ml stainless steel reservoirs that allow operation with or without recirculation loop or cooling oil are available.

About Microfluidics
Microfluidics, a wholly owned subsidiary of MFIC Corporation, provides patented and proprietary high performance Microfluidizer® materials processing equipment to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics/personal care and food industries. Microfluidics applies its nearly 20 years of high pressure processing experience to produce the most uniform and smallest liquid and suspended solid structures available, and has provided manufacturing systems for nanoparticle products for more than 15 years. The Company is a leader in advanced materials processing equipment for laboratory, pilot scale and manufacturing applications, offering innovative technology and comprehensive solutions for nanoparticles and other materials processing and production.

More than 3,000 systems are in use and afford significant competitive and economic advantages to Microfluidics equipment customers.

Companies seeking an affordable, high-pressure fluid processor can get complimentary sample testing at one of three Microfluidics facilities. Visit www.microfluidicscorp.com, email mixinginfo@mfics.com or contact Microfluidics at 800.370.5452 for application information.

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