Fluid Concentrates cool cutting and grinding operations.

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Coolants include synthetic TRIM(R) C320, and semi-synthetics MicroSol TRIM(R) 185 and TRIM(R) SC125. Low-foam TRIM(R) C320 works with aluminum and other mixed metals in drilling, tapping, reaming and form-grinding operations. TRIM(R) 185 is compatible with cast iron, steels, copper, aluminum alloys, plastics, and composites. Low-oil TRIM(R) SC125 coolant concentrate, for general-duty machining and grinding, prevents hot chip and clinkering problems.

Original Press Release:

Master Chemical Introduces Three New Products

January 25, 2002 (Perrysburg, Ohio) - Three new cutting and grinding fluid concentrates are now available from Master Chemical Corporation: the synthetic TRIM(R) C320, and semi-synthetics TRIM MicroSol(R) 185 and TRIM(R) SC125.

According to Andy Nelson, Master Chemical Product Manager, "TRIM(R) C320 is a high lubricity, low foam, synthetic coolant that approaches the 'down-the-hole' machining performance of premium soluble oils." He adds that it is exceptionally good on aluminum or other mixed metal, and provides excellent extreme pressure (EP) lubricity to do many drilling, tapping, reaming and form-grinding operations without any chlorine or sulfur-based EP additives.

Operators report very low odor, low foam, low mist and water clear working solution with TRIM(R) C320. The product has demonstrated exceptional sump life, great resistance to fungus and bacteria and good tramp oil rejection, plus it inhibits corrosion on all ferrous and nonferrous alloys. TRIM(R) C320 contains no DEA, nitrides, phenolic compounds, formaldehyde releasers or chlorine. The new product replaces TRIM(R) C320AL.

MicroSol TRIM® 185, which replaces MicroSol TRIM® 165 in the Master Chemical line-up, is compatible with a wide range of materials, including cast iron, steels, copper, aluminum alloys and many plastics and composites. Nelson says, "It provides excellent cooling and mechanical lubricity, plus superior corrosion inhibition on cast iron."

In the sump, MicroSol TRIM(R) 185 eliminates "hot chip" and clinkering problems and keeps machines very clean, coating them with a soft fluid film. "In fact," says Nelson, "we've found it especially effective protecting and lubricating older-style machines and transfer lines running cast iron, substantially reducing downtime and maintenance costs."

MicroSol TRIM(R) 185 requires no special disposal or recycling. It contains no nitrites, phenols, chlorinated additives or sulfur additives.

TRIM(R) SC125 is a low oil, semisynthetic coolant concentrate, designed for general-duty machining and grinding of most materials. Nelson says, "TRIM(R) SC125 is an exceptionally clean fluid, providing superior cooling, lubricity and corrosion inhibition for cast iron and mild steels. It performs particularly well in machining cast iron and in centerless or cylindrical grinding applications."

With very low carryoff, TRIM(R) SC125 offers low, long-term operating costs, and since it is easily recycled, coolant purchase and disposal costs also are reduced. Additionally, this product prevents "hot chip" and clinkering problems, and contains no chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus-based EP additives, nitrites, phenols or formaldehyde releasing compounds. TRIM(R)SC125 replaces TRIM(R) SC100.

For information on these products, contact your Master Chemical representative.

Headquartered in Perrysburg, Ohio, Master Chemical Corporation is a single-source supplier of metalworking fluids and recycling equipment. Founded in 1951 by Clyde Sluhan, Master Chemical products are designed to maximize productivity and minimize waste in the metalworking industry, thus improving custemer product quality and profitability.

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