Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator/Coater produces uniform results.

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With HDGC Fluid Bed Dryer-Granulator-Coater, all functions can be performed in one product container. HDGC Fluid Bed features Diskjet air distribution plate for thorough, uniform mixing and fluidization of batches. Tangential, high-velocity exit of process air prevents sticking/clogging and container dead zones. When granulating, particle size can be controlled/reproduced by selecting specific parameters. Uniform, homogenous granulate produces optimal flow/pelletizing characteristics.

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The OYSTAR USA Process Division Offers the OYSTAR Hüttlin HDGC Fluid Bed Dryer-Granulator-Coater

Fairfield, NJ - The OYSTAR USA Process Division, which is responsible for all sales, service and support in North America for OYSTAR Huttlin and OYSTAR Manesty pharmaceutical processing equipment, offers the Huttlin HDGC Fluid Bed Dryer-Granulator-Coater, for a system that enables all functions to be performed in one product container. Because exchanging the container is not necessary, faster, more efficient processing is ensured.

The HDGC Fluid Bed features the patented Diskjet air distribution plate for thorough, uniform mixing and fluidization of batches. The tangential, high velocity exit of the process air prevents sticking, clogging and container "dead zones" and enables fast, efficient drying.

When granulating, the particle size can be controlled and reproduced by selecting specific parameters. The uniform, homogenous granulate produces excellent flow and pelletizing characteristics. It also prevents lumps from forming, making treatment in a sieve or dry mill after granulation redundant.

Combined with the Diskjet, the three-component nozzle sprays coating solution straight into the fluidized product at the same angle as the process air. The patented nozzle atomizes the coating solution where the product velocity is highest for even distribution, minimal spray loss and quick drying. The microclimate component of the spray nozzle is compressed air that prevents the nozzle from clogging and eliminates the need for manual intervention throughout the process. Tablets up to 8mm in diameter can be coated with this system.

OYSTAR USA offers customers a complete support service hotline that can be reached easily by calling toll-free 888-868-9031.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division offers processing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry through OYSTAR Manesty Tablet Presses and Coaters and OYSTAR Huttlin Granulation and Fluid Bed Systems. In addition to the Process Division, OYSTAR USA is comprised of a Pharmaceutical Packaging Division and a Food Packaging Division. Germany-based OYSTAR is a group of companies dedicated to the processing and packaging needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy, and food industries.

The OYSTAR USA Process Division is based in Fairfield, NJ. For more information please call 973-227-5575 or visit the web site at www.oystarusa.com.

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