Flu Protection Kits prevent influenza outbreaks at office.

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Flu protection kit, intended for office use, contains 12 flu prevention kits in single-use packages that can be distributed to employees as needed to prevent spread of Influenza and prevent consequent losses in productivity. Each kit, used to isolate and contain any flu outbreak, contains gloves, hand sanitizer, N95 masks, tissues, Sani-Hands packets, and thermometer. These items help make sick employees more comfortable and help avoid spread of germs to others.

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E-firstaidsupplies.com Introduces Flu Protection and Prevention Kits for the Office

Each year, Influenza affects between 5% and 20% of the global population. While it can sometimes be mild and only an inconvenience, other times it can be very serious (with weeks in bed) or even fatal. There are between 3,000 and 49,000 deaths from the flu each season, usually affecting the elderly and the very young the most. The flu spreads through close contact making the workplace a hotbed for flu activity. As the flu season begins, office sick days will be on the rise and in very serious cases; the flu can run through a whole office and make everyone sick, shutting down productivity for days or even weeks.

E-firstaidsupplies.com, a retailer of first aid kits, has introduced new flu protection kits that are the solution for flu in the office. This new kit contains twelve flu prevention kits in single use packages and can be distributed to employees as needed. The kits each contain gloves, hand sanitizer, N95 masks, tissues, Sani-Hands packettes and a thermometer. All of these items help to make a sick employee more comfortable and to also avoid the spread of germs to others. E-firstaidsupplies.com also offers personal and multi-use flu protection kits for different situations and needs when it comes to flu prevention.

Doctors have proven that the flu can be prevented by avoiding contact and washing hands with hot water to kill germs. Single use flu protection kits can be used to isolate and contain any flu outbreak. By using these kits, the flu can be contained and employees will be healthier and happier. For more information about flu prevention, see the E-firstaidsupplies.com blog on how to stay healthy this winter.

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