Flow Signal Conditioner integrates MPU-controlled electronics.

Press Release Summary:

Able to work with unobstructed in-line (Model 600-9) and insertion probe (Model 62-9) thermal mass flow meters, 9500P features microprocessor-controlled electronics that provide integral local control as well as full scale flow ranges, line size changes, and trouble shooting.

Original Press Release:

Thermal Instrument Releases New 9500P Model Flow Signal Conditioner:

Advantages of our new 9500P Model:

•Works with both our unobstructed in-line (Model 600-9) and insertion probe (Model 62-9) Thermal Mass Flow Meters

•Microprocessor controlled electronics provides integral local control and

- Full scale flow ranges

- Line size changes

- Trouble shooting

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We've been providing cost effective solutions to flow measurement problems since 1959, working with a wide variety of industries: landfill, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, semi-conductors, pollution control, food and beverage, power/utility and petrochemicals. Our thermal flow meters measure the mass flow rates of gases as well as liquids.

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