Flow Rack provides infinite adjustable shelf level supports.

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Using Creform® System of pipe sections and joints, rack system consists of 5 level flow rack with each level being 2 lanes wide providing load capacity of 350 lb, totaling combined structure capacity of 1,750 lb. As each end of shelf supports can be adjusted independently, rack levels can be set for height settings and to modify incline angle for each layer to obtain proper material/container flow. It can be built with skatewheel style or full-width roller conveyor track.

Original Press Release:

Creform Develops Height-Adjust, Angle-Adjust Storage/Flow Rack System

Creform® Corporation has introduced a new concept for a multi-tasking, storage, and part transfer unit to support warehouse order picking operations, or point-of-use locations for assembly and machining stations and work cells. The structure, using the Creform® System of pipe sections and joints, consists of a five level flow rack with each level being two lanes wide, and providing exceptional load capacity of 350 pounds totaling a combined structure capacity of 1750 pounds. A second design feature of the rack system is its wide ranging adaptation to varying situations, afforded by the infinite adjustability of the shelf level supports. Since each end of the shelf supports can be adjusted independently, rack levels can be set for both height settings and to modify the incline angle for each layer to obtain proper material/container flow. Equipped with casters, the rack can be loaded in staging zones, then transferred to work areas. Or, constructed with stabilizing footpads, the structures can be stationary flow racks supporting assembly points. Each level's slope angle can be varied, the flow rack can accommodate diverse weights and mass of items to assure proper downward travel to the front or off-load point. In addition, one or more of the levels can be reversed to provide an empty container return. Additionally, the flow rack can be constructed using either form of conveyor track offered through the Creform System-skatewheel style for rigid, uniform shape containers, or full-width roller tracks when using soft bottomed containers (boxboard, corrugated) or for non- containerized components. Creform's HPA and HPB style of pipe establishes the high load capacity of the new rack. HPA has an integral 'tongue' rib while HPB sections provide the mating 'groove' rib configuration...where the two are glued together using Creform adhesive. These ribbed pipe sections form the cross beam for supporting each level creating a double beam pipe that's more than three times the strength of a single, standard 28mm Creform pipe. These cross beams are then secured to the vertical pipe legs using a unique joint fixture that tightens on the double beam pipe assembly and the vertical pipe. This joint can be repositioned up and down on the vertical pipe by loosening the joint using a hex Allen wrench. Angled reinforcement bracing is incorporated into the rack's side framing to further stabilize and strengthen the structure. Added flexibility and customization is available with the numerous auxiliary hardware accessories available to complement each rack's usage...including label holders, lane dividers, casters, picking lights, stops, hinges and latches, clamps and mounts, springs, tool holders, heavy duty cap feet, and more. A variety of pipe colors are available to complement work areas. The quick height- and slope-adjust flow racks are available from Creform in kit form, with components pre-sized to specified dimensions and ready to assemble, or as an assembled structure, ready-to-use. Visit www.creform.com for additional information regarding Creform Corporation, its products and applications.

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