Flow Meter is suited for use in sanitary applications.

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Offering universal applicability for measurement of all conductive liquids, FXE4000 electromagnetic flowmeter is constructed with vacuum-resistant and form-stable PFA liner. Body can be adapted to existing connection types using threaded adapters from 1/8-4 in. Available in HART, Profibus P A, Profibus DP, or Foundation Fieldbus, unit employs digital converter as well as illuminated, 2-line display. Accuracy is less than ±0.5% of flow rate.

Original Press Release:

ABB Launches New Sanitary Magmeters in U.S.

Targeting flow applications in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries

WARMINSTER, PA, August 19, 2005 -- ABB Instrumentation has expanded its comprehensive line of flow measurement products with the launch of the new FXE4000 electromagnetic flowmeter into the U.S. market. This revolutionary magnetic flowmeter provides users with the versatility to measure from the simplest to the most extreme flow applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The new FXE4000 not only affords universal applicability for the measurement of all conductive liquids, but also provides unsurpassed performance in a cost effective package. This versatile design provides the ideal flowmeter for any sanitary application and the customer only pays for what they really require.

Field-proven for over 10 years in other parts of the world, this new measurement system has demonstrated a unique ability to sustain high performance and quick response in the face of today's tougher operating conditions.

The Concept

The basic flowmeter primary body can be adapted to the existing connection types using threaded adapters, such as weld stubs, Tri-Clamps, or male threads. Also available are wafer and flanged designs. This variable connection concept with a common basic flowmeter body simplifies inventory stock, as only one meter body needs to be stocked to be used with different connection applications. The FXE4000 is constructed with a vacuum resistant and form stable PFA liner. The adapters are fitted with metallic stops to assure precise seating of the seal ring and provide a gap-free transition from the process connection to the meter body. The threaded adapters available for the FXE4000 range from 1/8" to 4" (3mm to 100mm), which guarantees easy meter installation. Should service ever be required, downtime is minimized as the instrument can quickly be interchanged. There is also a leakage vent in the adapter body to assure the integrity of the seal ring.

The FXE4000 includes many advances in both the primary that installs in a process pipeline, and the entirely new digital converter. The new converter employs a simple, menu-driven configuration. A short and quick data entry process is used to load all user specific parameters required for instrument operation through an "East Set-up" process. Configuration parameters and calibration data area saved in an external FRAM that plugs directly into the converter. If converter replacement is necessary, all configuration parameters and calibration data are automatically downloaded to the converter, saving valuable time. The illuminated 2-line display allows the user to view up to six different parameters simultaneously which allows for a better control of the entire system. The locally selectable pulse output (passive optocoupler or active 24 V DC pulses) provides a choice of the appropriate signal for flow processing. Lastly, the FXE4000 converter is available in HART, Profibus P A, Profibus DP or Foundation Fieldbus enabling the user to choose the proper communication protocol to monitor meter location with automatic diagnostics in the event an error occurs.

The universal applicability of the FXE4000 offers one universal, high-performing system for all flow measurements of conductive liquids, allowing users to minimize spare parts while lowering the total cost of ownership.

The new FXE4000 electromagnetic flowmeter delivers tangible returns on capital investment for the end user, while enabling them to run their process more profitably. This revolutionary technology has set a new standard for flow measurement in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Highlights of FXE4000 Specifications

Accuracy: < ±0.5% of flow rate.

Certificates: 3A, EHEDG, FML

Conductivity Limits: As low as 20 µS/cm

Sensors: Available with diameters from 1/10 inch to 4 inches; all stainless steel welded construction; PFA liner

Process Connections: Wafer, Flanged, Tri-Clamp, Male Thread, Weld stubs

Fluid Temperature Limits: - 40 F to 266 F

Converter: Affords simple, menu-driven configuration routines. Can simulate flow rates to test its outputs -- a feature also useful in commissioning a flow loop. Can use such protocols as HART, serial communications, and common Fieldbus and Profibus types.

Power Supply: 115/239 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 V AC/DC

FXE4000 Operating Advantages

Designed for Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Applications

Variable process connections: Wafer, Flanged, Tri-Clamp, Male Thread, Weld stubs designs

Simple and fast start-up; i.e., works "right out of the box."

Suitable for CIP/SIP

Latest self-diagnostics to lower operating and maintenance costs

Backwards compatible with existing ABB magmeter sensors to minimize parts stocking.

One universal, high-performance system for use on all magmeter applications in a plant and all of a company's plants. Thus, reduces parts stocking, maintenance, and operator training.

Flowtube Inside Diameter (ID) matches sanitary process pipe ID with no steps

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