Flow Meter features gauge that reads in. wc and scfm.

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Venturi Flow Meter with Magnehelic® Gage measures flow of compatible gases and incorporates gradual Venturi profile to minimize pressure drop through meter. Gauge provides clear, accurate display of differential pressure readings. Meter, manufactured from aluminum and available in line sizes from 1½-4½, handles flows ranging from 20-620 scfm. Flexible connections enable use in vertical or horizontal applications and unit handles both vacuum and pressure applications.

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NEW! Series VFLO Venturi Flow Meter with Magnehelic® Gage

Dwyer Instruments, Inc., the preferred source for your complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announcing the release of its NEW VENTURI FLOW METER WITH MAGNEHELIC® GAGE. The Venturi Flow Meter with Magnehelic® Gage is designed to measure the flow of compatible gases while keeping the pressure drop through the meter at a minimum. The Venturi Flow Meter with Magnehelic® Gage is fabricated from aluminum for line sizes up to 4½. It has a gradual Venturi profile to reduce pressure losses through the meter. Flexible connections enable the meter to be used in vertical or horizontal applications. A Magnehelic® gage provides a large, clear and accurate display of your differential pressure reading. Each standard meter is calibrated at standard atmospheric conditions and the gage reads in inches of water column and SCFM. The Venturi's are available in line sizes from 1½ to 4½ and can handle vacuum and pressure applications. The meter is able to handle flows ranging from 20 to 620 SCFM. Applications include soil remediation equipment, process optimization, channeling/plugging indication, and many more. Venturi Flow Meter with Magnehelic® Gages are very competitively priced. Complete details are available on our website @ www.dwyer-inst.com/Products/Product.cfm?Group_ID=20106 Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
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