Flow Indicator shows pulses with green LED.

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Sight-Rite(TM) flow indicator may be used for any lubrication or process equipment that carries pulse of fluid less than 0.012 cu in. Each pulse activates indicator light. Indicator body is epoxy and acetyl to resist chemicals and solvents, while internal mechanisms are stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. Indicator detects flow for fluid viscosities from SAE 10W through 50W oils. Green LED is daylight visible and powered by button cell battery.

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New Sight-Rite(TM) Flow Indicator

Oil-Rite Corporation of Manitowoc, Wisconsin is proud to announce a dramatic NEW product, the Sight-Rite(TM) flow indicator. The Sight-Rite(TM) is highly recommended for applications where visual inspection is critical and liquid output is required in a safety margin. Sight-Rite(TM) was designed to enhance the already reliable PurgeX® line of injector pumps, but may be used for any lubrication or process equipment line that carries a pulse of fluid of less than .012 cubic inches. The Sight-Rite(TM) couples the reliability and precision of an electric indicator with the simplicity of a flow sight. It permits checking of fluid flow at a glance via a green LED light. It is ideal wherever a simple and economical fluid flow indicator is required.

Extremely dependable in performance, the Sight-Rite(TM) flow indicator will find itself used for a multitude of applications: Manufacturing, Packaging, Food Processing, Printing, Chemical, Marine and Maritime, Petroleum, and Textile. Suggested critical applications that PurgeX® pumps and Sight-Rite(TM) can be used on include roller chains, cables, cams, bearings, conveyors, and machine tools.

Sight-Rite(TM) is compatible with both the PurgeX® air and motor operated pumps for liquid delivery. Each injector pump can precisely deliver an output range from zero to 0.012 cubic inches per cycle. Due to small volumes of fluid dispensed, an operator may not be able to visually determine whether or not fluid is being dispensed. Additionally, the operator may not be able to safely inspect a lubrication point in distant areas or near rotating equipment. The Sight-Rite(TM) indicator quickly and safely confirms that fluid is being dispensed, as each pulse of liquid cycled through the Sight-Rite(TM) activates the indicator light. The Sight-Rite(TM) thus provides added security that fluid is being applied in critical applications.

The construction is sturdy and compact. Bodies are manufactured from rugged epoxy and acetyl to resist chemicals and solvents. The internal mechanisms are constructed from brass and stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion under the most adverse conditions. The versatile units are capable of detecting flow for fluid viscosities from SAE 10W through SAE 50W oils. Each Sight-Rite(TM) is supplied with a high-efficiency green LED that is daylight visible and powered by a button cell battery source. The Sight-Rite(TM) flow indicators are supplied with 1/8-FNPT connections at the inlet and outlet.

Once installed, Sight-Rite(TM) provides operation that is straightforward, direct, and reliable. The Sight-Rite(TM) is ideal for an entire facility or a single application. The reliability and required safety margin for critical machines make it a worthwhile investment. For more details on the Sight-Rite(TM) flow indicator or Oil-Rite's complete line of lubrication equipment, contact:

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