Flow Computer replaces chart recorders.

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FloBoss(TM) 103 Flow Manager calculates natural gas flow, for both volume and energy, in accordance with 1992 AGA3 flow and AGA8 super-compressibility equations. Unit is compliant with API Chapter 21.1. Static and differential pressures are measured to reference accuracy of up to ±0.075 percent. FloBoss provides extensive audit trail for measured and calculated values. Up to 15 data points can be archived on hourly and daily basis, for up to 35 days.

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Emerson's New Flow Computer is Ideal for Chart Replacement Applications

MARSHALLTOWN, IA (APRIL 24) -- Emerson Process Management introduces its newest flow computer for natural gas flow measurement, the FloBoss(TM) 103 Flow Manager. This latest addition to the field-proven FloBoss product line delivers class-leading features and benefits that make it ideal for chart replacement applications, yet it has the power to do much more.

The FloBoss 103 eliminates the off-chart gas flow problems that are inherent with chart recorders. The result is less lost and unaccounted gas, which translates into more revenue. Static and differential pressures are measured to a reference accuracy of up to ±0.075 percent. Gas flow is calculated for both volume and energy in accordance with the 1992 AGA3 flow and AGA8 super-compressibility equations, and the unit is compliant with API Chapter 21.1.

Very low power consumption allows the FloBoss 103 to be self-contained for a typical Class I, Division 1 metering application, which can significantly reduce installation costs. The built-in rechargeable battery pack will keep the unit operating for one month without recharging, while permitting data to be retrieved by a host once each day. More frequent data retrieval is possible with an external 2.5-Watt solar panel.

The FloBoss 103 provides an extensive audit trail for measured and calculated values. Up to 15 data points can be archived on an hourly and daily basis for up to 35 days. Average values are provided for pressure and temperature measurements every 10 minutes, giving operators the same data resolution as chart recorders. This allows them to operate wells for improved production. To assist in troubleshooting site problems, the FloBoss 103 logs the most recent 240 events and 240 alarms.

The FloBoss 103 offers PID loop control, logic and sequencing control, optional four-channels of I/O, and an optional port for EIA-232 or dial-up communications. In addition, unlike many competitive units, users have a choice of native ROC or MODBUS protocols for added flexibility when interfacing to a host or network.

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