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Flotation Level Transmitter features self-cleaning design.

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Flotation Level Transmitter features self-cleaning design.

Sep 05, 2014 - Utilizing acoustic technology that is unaffected by density, build-up, scaling, conductivity, or sticky froth conditions, Model FLT offers low-maintenance design for difficult environments, such as flotation cells. Unit includes adjustable 316 SS bracket with flange mounting options and color display controller mounted in stainless steel enclosure. Transmitter can measure all types of flotation cells, with max control range of 250 in. and resolution accuracy options of 0.08, 0.5, and 1.00 in.

FloLevel Technologies - Nunawading, AUS

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FloLevel Technologies Launches New Economy Cost Flotation Level Transmitter for Flotation Cells

Press release date: Sep 02, 2014

MELBOURNE, Australia -- FloLevel Technologies, an innovator of level measurement products, launches a new self-cleaning Flotation Level Transmitter (FLT) that offers a simple, low maintenance device for very difficult environments, like Flotation Cells.

The FLT will increase operational efficiency of the Flotation Cell because the Acoustic technology is not affected by density, build-up, scaling, hydraulic imbalance affects, conductivity or sticky froth conditions. The FLT FloLevel(TM) Array will provide a reliable and repeatable pulp/slurry level (Froth Depth) with constant high resolution because the Acoustic technology is not affected by the ore slurry (guange) characteristic changes.

"We have focused on developing a simpler, low maintenance replacement of level technologies like Displacement Floats, Pressure Transmitters, Conductivity Probes that are known to be affected by environmental changes, resulting in increased costs for mineral recovery in the Flotation Cell. This new FLT technology will work with a higher repeatable accuracy in these tough environments," says Robert Stirling, Owner and inventor of FloLevel Technologies. 

The FloLevel system is easy to install from the top of the Flotation Cell and easy to calibrate. It comes with adjustable 316SS bracket, with flange mounting options and a colour display controller mounted in a stainless steel enclosure. They can measure all types of Flotation Cells, with a maximum control range of 6400 mm (250") and resolution accuracy options available are 2mm (0.08") 15mm (0.5") and 25mm (1.00"). Various output capability options are available, like 3 x 4-20Ma, Modbus, ProfiBus, Foundation FieldBus, DeviceNet, and Ethernet.

The FloLevel Array is suitable for all mineral recovery, eg: Copper, Molybdenum, Gold, Silver, Lead, Nickel, Iron Ore, Coal, Potash, Oil Sands, Zinc, Gypsum, etc.

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About FloLevel Technologies
FloLevel Technologies develops and manufactures level and flow analyzers for Flotation Cells. The FloLevel products optimize the mineral recovery process in Flotation Cells and significantly cut costs for the mining industry. The FloLevel transducers are not affected by colour, density, dielectric or by the type of mineral that they are working in, they are self-cleaning and self-checking. They accurately measure pulp, slurry and froth height as well as froth density and froth flow rate and provide instantaneous feedback on ore characteristic changes.

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