Floor Tiles utilize hidden interlock system.

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Measuring 18 x 18 x ¼ in., Tuff-Seal(TM) Tiles are offered in virgin PVC and post-industrial recycled PVC. They can be installed over any flat, clean, structurally-sound surface, including contaminated, moisture problem, or uncured concrete subfloors. No adhesive or special tools are required. Once in place, hidden interlocking edges create uniform, water-resistant surface ready for immediate traffic and loads to 500 psi. Four surface profiles and 8 colors are available.

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Tuff-Seal Interlocking Floor Tiles Announced by Flooring Adventures

Richmond, VA, January 13, 2005 -- Flooring Adventures has introduced its Tuff-Seal(TM) line of advanced interlocking floor tiles for use in industrial and commercial facilities. The tiles utilize a patented, hidden interlock system that produces a secure, flush and virtually invisible seam between tiles. For most Tuff-Seal installations, a fast, simple "Overlap-and-Tap" process is all that is needed. No adhesive, special tools or installation expertise are required.

Backed by a five-year warranty, Tuff-Seal tiles are available in four surface profiles (stud, marquis, diamond and smooth) and eight colors (blue, red, teal, taupe, black, light gray, dark gray and white). Tuff-Seal vinyl transition strips are also available in eight colors. Tuff-Seal joint-sealer can be used to create a completely watertight surface.

Tuff-Seal tiles are 18" x 18" (450 mm x 450 mm), ¼" (6.5 mm) thick, weigh 3.5 pounds (1.55 kg) and are available in two versions. Tuff-Seal Prime is made of virgin PVC and is available in stud, marquis and smooth profiles in eight colors. Tuff-Seal Recycled is made of premium-grade 100% post-industrial recycled PVC and is available in stud and diamond profiles in matte-finish black.

Tuff-Seal tiles can be used in virtually any facility or application, including basements and below-grade areas. Tiles stay in place and do not shift even under heavy point loads. Tuff-Seal's cushioned feel improves productivity and comfort, while reducing noise, dust and humidity.

Requiring minimal floor prep, Tuff-Seal is easily installed over any flat, clean, structurally-sound surface, including contaminated, moisture-problem or uncured concrete subfloors. Since no solvents, sealers or adhesives are used, the tiles can be installed in VOC-sensitive or restricted areas. Once in place, Tuff-Seal's hidden interlocking edges create a uniform, water-resistant surface ready for immediate traffic and loads of up to 500 p.s.i. Tiles can be quickly and easily removed and re-laid in other areas as needed.

Tested and resistant to most fluids and other materials, Tuff-Seal tiles are impact, fire, chemical and stain-resistant. Hydraulic/automotive fluids and solder do not affect the tiles if quickly removed, but if damaged, they can be easily replaced. Tuff-Seal meets ADA slip-resistance recommendations and ASTM specifications for F-1700 solid vinyl tile, is 100% recyclable, easy to maintain and helps meet LEED criteria. Since Tuff-Seal tiles are generally not adhered to the subfloor, their cost may be fully deductible in the first year.

For Tuff-Seal information and samples, contact Flooring Adventures, 7453 Whitepine Road, Richmond, VA 23237, 877-779-2454, tuffsealtile.com

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Kelly Mortensen, President
Flooring Adventures LLC
7453 Whitepine Road
Richmond, VA 23237


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