Floor Strippers remove heavy floor-finish buildup in 1 pass.

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FASTRIP and Butcher's Wild Rapids are low-odor, low-foaming products with short dwell time, suited for applications in 24/7 environments such as retail, health care, and other high-traffic places. Highly concentrated FASTRIP can be used across broad range of dilutions to meet demands of any floor-finish removal challenge. Both products come in packages of four 1-gal containers or one 5-gal container.

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Johnsondiversey Introduces Industry's First Floor Stripper to Remove Heavy Floor-Finish Buildup in One Application

LAS VEGAS - (Oct. 19, 2005) - JohnsonDiversey, Inc today announced the introduction of revolutionary new floor strippers capable of delivering pure power performance - even on heavy build-up. The new products, Johnson Wax Professional FASTRIP and Butcher's Wild Rapids, provide consistent results time after time, significantly reducing the risk of having to strip over again. FASTRIP and Wild Rapids demonstrations are being conducted at ISSA Interclean, booth 1912.

"JohnsonDiversey's new floor stripper greatly exceeded our expectations," said trial customer Jeff Stradone, Vice President, EMS, Inc, a major building maintenance, housekeeping and laundry management company for health care providers in the Mid-Atlantic States. "We tested the stripper with a customer on a floor with 20 to 30 coats of finish. After applying JohnsonDiversey's new stripper the finish just melted off. With one more application we were able to complete the job quickly and easily with little need to scrub. We've used low odor strippers in the past, none of which
achieved near this level of performance."

FASTRIP is highly concentrated, low-odor stripper that can be used across a broad range of dilutions to meet the demands of any floor-finish removal challenge. Whether removing just a few coats or aged, heavy build-up, FASTRIP or Wild Rapids are the only products needed to deal with all stripping challenges.

FASTRIP and Wild Rapids are low foaming products that can decrease stripping time and increase worker productivity. This is achieved by providing a shorter dwell time and reducing the number of applications necessary to remove heavy floor-finish buildup. The products' low odor is also ideal for applications in 24/7 environments such as retail, health care and other high-traffic places.

"This is the most exciting floor care innovation to come along in 15 years," said Ian West, Director of Floor Care Marketing at JohnsonDiversey. "Floor care professionals face a variety of demands when stripping floors. They're challenged to do the job faster and to get all the old finish off the floor rapidly. Ideally, they want to remove all the old finish in one pass. This means using powerful products but without a strong, overbearing odor otherwise customers and building occupants will complain. FASTRIP and Wild Rapids address these challenges, allowing customers to have one stripper for all tasks, from a taking off a couple of coats to removing aged, heavy build-up. Based on extensive customer trials and feedback we know that these products will deliver."

Johnson Wax Professional FASTRIP and Butcher's Wild Rapids are currently available in packages of four one-gallon containers, or one five-gallon container.

JohnsonDiversey, Inc. is a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions, serving customers in the lodging, food service, retail, health care and food and beverage sectors as well as building service contractors.

JohnsonDiversey Inc. is a member of the Johnson family business enterprises of Racine, Wisconsin, USA. With operations in 55 countries, JohnsonDiversey provides customers worldwide with the products, solutions and expertise to make their facilities the safest and cleanest in the world. To learn more, visit us at www.johnsondiversey.com.

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