Floor Marking Tape offers durable alternative to paint.

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Designed as alternative to paint for lining warehouse and manufacturing floors in harsh industrial environments, SafetyTac floor marking tape can withstand forklifts, heavy foot and truck traffic, chemicals, grease, and pallets. U.S.-manufactured product has dual-beveled edges and offers peel-and-stick installation. It does not require any dry time or cure time and does not produce any fumes.

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Creative Safety Supply Now Offers the #1 Rated Floor Marking Tape

SUMMARY: Marking industrial floors is made easier and affordable through Creative Safety Supply.

Creative Safety Supply is considered in the industrial market to have the top selling floor marking tape. SafetyTac is the brand industries are requesting when looking for an effective, durable and affordable method for lining warehouse and manufacturing floors. Gone are the days of using paint to mark aisles, pathways, and safety lanes. SaftyTac is designed to out-perform paint in the harshest industrial environments. As one plant manager commented, "I will never use paint again to mark our floors. The safetyTac tape out-lives paint by a milestone."

Floor marking tape provided by Creative Safety Supply has gone through some of the toughest daily tests imaginable. SafetyTac can withstand forklifts, heavy foot and truck traffic, chemicals, grease and pallets to name a few. The tape is made in the USA out of tough material and adhesive, and it has dual-beveled edges. It is simple and easy to use with the peel-&-stick installation. With this tape there is no dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up that you get when using paint. Productivity is not jeopardized which means more profit.

Along with a variety of floor marking tapes, Creative Safety Supply, also offers floor alignment markers to assure areas for pallet alignment, equipment storage and boundary marking are perfectly and visually marked. Another product that is on high demand from the industrial market is the SafetyTac Clear tape which is ideal for covering light vinyl floor markings or sealing floor labels. They are just as strong, affordable and easy to install just like SafetyTac tape.

Large one-time jobs may require help from an Industrial Floor Tape Applicator that can be rented through Creative Safety Supply. It is perfect for start up businesses that are looking to create floor markings throughout the facility before production actually begins. Use it once to complete the job in a matter of hours and return it.

For complete information on floor marking tape, contact www.creativesafetysupply.com or call toll-free (866)777-1360 to get all your questions answered.

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