Floor Marking Cart helps facilities maintain OSHA compliance.

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Kaizen Cart empowers employees to maintain floor markings with Superior Mark floor tape, which ensures everyday floor markings stay clean and bright to maintain OSHA compliance. Holding up to 10 rolls of tape as well as all tools and supplies necessary to maintain floor markings, cart features 8 in. rubber tamper roller to ensure proper adherence of pressure sensitive tape. Also included, customized magnetic color code chart displays company's floor marking color code.

Original Press Release:

New Floor Marking Cart Helps Maintain OSHA Compliant Floors in Industrial Facilities

Because OSHA requires that industrial floors be clearly marked, most facilities use paint to mark lines on the floors. However, painted lines are quickly marred or destroyed by forklifts and other machines. InSite Solutions has just introduced the Kaizen Cart, a multi-functional cart that empowers employees to maintain floor markings with Superior Mark floor tape. Now there is a way to guarantee that everyday floor markings stay clean and bright, and the facility is OSHA compliant.

Wake Forest, NC -- OSHA requires that the aisles and passageways be clearly marked. In industrial factories and warehouses, this is usually attempted with painted lines. Floor painting is a messy, time consuming process that requires shutdown of work in the area being painted. Because of the abusive environment of heavy machinery and forklift traffic, lines frequently become damaged within hours of painting. It is practically impossible to touch up painted lines on the fly, to keep them highly visible on a daily basis. With the combination of the patent pending Superior Mark floor tape and the Kaizen Cart, the floor markings can stay clean and bright on a daily basis. This new cart helps facilities maintain a safe working environment for their employees and stay ready for inspections.

Named after Kaizen, a lean manufacturing concept that means continual improvement, the Kaizen Cart holds up to 10 rolls of Superior Mark floor tape plus all the tools and supplies necessary to maintain the floor markings. This cart is ready to go and workers can repair damaged tape in minutes. The cart has an 8" rubber tamper roller to perfectly adhere the pressure sensitive Superior Mark tape.

The Kaizen Cart features a customized magnetic color code chart, which displays the company's floor marking color code for all employees to easily reference. The Kaizen Cart will help the facility stay in compliance with OSHA'sfloor marking regulations, by displaying the color code in a central location, and ensuring that employees are empowered to continually maintain the floor markings.

The Kaizen Cart is priced at $1100, but as a special introductory offer, InSite is offerring a free cart with the purchase of 25 rolls of Superior Mark aisle marking tape. The Kaizen Cart is available exclusively at Stoppainting.com. Use the coupon code freecart to take advantage of this offer.

Company Information:
Stop-painting.com is owned by InSite Solutions, LLC. In addition to manufacturing the Kaizen Cart, InSite also manufactures Superior Mark and Last Mark floor marking tapes. InSite specializes in floor tape and pavement marking tape with patent-pending designs that are made to last. InSite offers a variety of innovative safety and traffic control supplies to keep facilities safe and organized, inside and out.

Contact Details:
InSite's selection of workplace safety and traffic control solutions are available for sale at their ecommerce website, www.stop-painting.com/. Please contact Cliff Lowe for additional information. The telephone number is 1-866-284-1541 and email is customer-service(at)stop-painting(dot)com. Find us on Twitter twitter.com/insitesolution, Facebook, and Linked In http://www.linkedin.com/company/insite-solutionsllc.

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