Floor Finishes provide chemical-resistant surfaces.

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Water-based FasTop(TM) seamless urethane cements can be installed and ready for service in hours because of their Urethane-cement chemical reaction. FasTop M, applied as mortar, can be installed in one step without topcoat. FasTop S System consists of trowled slurry blend with silica sand broadcast finish. FasTop S-U1 Upgrade System uses decorative quartz broadcast instead of silica sand and requires clear topcoat.

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Fastop(TM) Flooring Systems From General Polymers are Ideal for Round-The-Clock Pharmaceutical Operations

CINCINNATI, OH (May 31, 2002) When round-the-clock bio-pharmaceutical production cannot be halted to install a traditional flooring system, FasTop(TM) Systems from General Polymers are the Perfect Choice(TM). FasTop(TM) Systems feature fast curing, low odor, moisture insensitivity and excellent chemical resistance.

With physical and chemical properties that make them ideal for bio-pharmaceutical operations where aggressive environments have caused flooring failures, seamless FasTop urethane cement industrial floor finishes can be installed in one or two steps to provide a tough, chemical-resistant surface.

FasTop chemistry is water-based, and as a finished flooring system, is breathable and easy to clean, minimizing concerns about damp surfaces and moisture in the concrete. The rapid urethane-cement chemical reaction allows FasTop to be installed and the floor returned to service in hours, not days.

In comparison, traditional epoxy flooring systems require three and sometimes four steps for installation and often take a week or more before the floor is ready for use. Epoxy systems must have controlled temperature and humidity both before and during installation to minimize the movement of moisture in the concrete substrate and on the surface. Failure to account for the moisture in concrete can easily lead to flooring failures due to the impermeable non-breathing nature of epoxy floors.

General Polymers offers three systems based on FasTop technology: FasTop M, FasTop S and FasTop S-Ul.

The FasTop M System, applied as mortar, is recommended for areas which must be resurfaced or where a sloped area prevents the use of slurry. It can be installed in one step without a topcoat, when the floor's quick return to service is the highest priority. Also, a light texture can be applied using a roller to imbed silica sand onto the surface.

The FasTop S System is a trowled slurry blend with a silica sand broadcast finish. The amount of sand required for broadcast is much less than traditional self-leveling, epoxy-based Trafficote(TM) systems, leaving very little excess sand to collect after curing. Both the FasTop M and FasTop S Systems can be topcoated as desired for additional chemical resistance or for aesthetics.

The FasTop S-U1 Upgrade System uses decorative quartz broadcast instead of silica sand. The slurry color must be compatible with the broadcast color blend. A red base color is recommended for brown and red tone blends, and gray slurry color is the obvious choice for black, blue and gray tones-all others should use a neutral (off-white) FasTop base color. The FasTop S-U1 system, however, requires a clear topcoat, which prolongs the floor's return to service time.

General Polymers offers a complete spectrum of fluid-applied construction products, including such well-known brand names as TRAFFICOTE(TM), CERAM(TM), CERAMIC CARPET(TM), SANIFLEX®, AGGRE-COLOR®, TPM® and EPO-FLEX®. General Polymers' products are used to create durable, chemical resistant and high-impact floor and wall systems used in the manufacturing, petrochemical, processing, commercial and institutional markets.

For more information about installation tips or technical notes or to obtain a brochure describing FasTop Systems, visit www.generalpolymers.com or contact General Polymers, 145 Caldwell Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45216, (800) 543-7694, (513) 761-0011, Fax (513) 761-4496, e-mail info@generalpolymers.com.

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