Flood Conditions Impact Pump Station Design

The Kauffman Ave. Pump Station, in Fairborn, Ohio was two years in the making. What seemed like a straight-forward pump station equipment and generator building became more complex when the City of Fairborn confirmed that, due to its location in a flood-prone area, the building had to be designed to allow only 2 in. of water seepage in any 24-hour period. In addition, they required a 5-year warranty. Norwalk Industries(NCI), an Easi-Set licensed producer, worked with Easi-Set, Concrete Sealants and PS doors to come up with a solution that was within budget yet still met specifications and building code requirements for anchoring the building and for dry, flood-proof design. "The design itself was a challenge because we had never attempted a building with these characteristics," says Robb Smithson, the NCI project manager and engineer. "Some products required long lead times so decisions had to be finalized early in order to meet deadlines."

The 77,300 lbs precast concrete building is 12-ft wide x 20-ft long x 11-ft tall. It is insulated and includes an upgraded electrical package. Not conforming to industry standards, it includes a flood-proof, water-tight door and special anchoring to withstand flood waters. Atop the roof rests a 4,100-lb generator.

"We came up with a detailed plan of action," says Scott Kinnamon, salesman for NCI. "We collected details and ideas and put everything on paper so everyone involved understood what needed to be done and when. "Criteria changed several times throughout the project. Several components, such as the inclusion of the generator on the roof, forced mid-stream design changes. "We had to design a roof that would meet code criteria for slope and weight loads," Smithson says. "After the roof was poured we decided to add another slab for the generator. At times we tested the limits of frustration but in the end came through with a great product for the owner."

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