FlexLink Launches a New Offer to the Bakery Industry

Crates are commonly used for transporting baked bread. FlexLink has the know-how to raise the efficiency.

FlexLink launches a new offer for efficient crate handling systems to the bakery industry. Creates are commonly used in bakeries for the transport of baked bread. With a complete offer for conveying solutions, engineering and control knowledge, FlexLink has the tools for efficient handling and internal distribution of crates within the bakeries.

As a recognized provider of turn key solutions to the biscuit, cookie and cracker industry, FlexLink has decided to offer complete turn key solutions for handling of empty and full crates also to the bakery industry.

"We have been offering crate handling systems for several years but mainly for the packed meat industry. After our experiences, mainly in Germany, we have now created an offer and are launching it to the European bakery industry. Based on our knowledge of crate handling and our experience we have created a really interesting offer." says Paolo Pusceddu, CTO of FlexLink AB.

FlexLink's offer starts with consultation where the bakery needs and requirements are matched against the actual situation, where line concept and solutions are discussed. The offer includes hardware, software and after sales service - from the reception area of dirty crates to the shipment area of full crates. FlexLink's thorough experience in conveying, elevation, divert/merge and accumulation make their solutions reliable and efficient. In addition to this, the offer includes stackers, de-stackers, sorters and pack stations.

"FlexLink offers production logistics solutions, including the integration of third party equipment. In the bakery industry we have with success integrated crate washing and drying machines, and also robot solutions for the handling piles of clean creates." adds Paolo Pusceddu.

With the launch and the following campaign throughout Europe, FlexLink is now promoting this offer to the bakery industry on a broad scale. In parallel, FlexLink also re-launches the offer to manufacturers of cookies, biscuits and crackers, where high speed, accumulation capacity and dynamic and gentle handling are key factors.

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