Flexible Sleeves provide protection from radiated heat.

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Clevaflex® Sewn Sleeves, made from woven fiberglass laminated to aluminum foil, provide protection of components from heat sources up to 1000°F. Laminate is folded in half and sewn along open edge. Sleeves are offered in 11 sizes ranging from 3/8 to 2 1/2 in. dia. Sleeves are resistant to fluids, fraying, and abrasion. They are suitable for protecting power steering hoses, air conditioning hoses, wire harnesses, brake tubes, and spark plug wires.

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Flexible Sleeves Provide Excellent Protection from Radiated Heat; Ideal for Hoses, Tubes, Cables & Other Critical Components

Clevaflex® Sewn Sleeves are manufactured from a woven fiberglass
that is laminated to an aluminum foil. The laminate is then folded in half and sewn along its open edge, creating a strong, yet flexible sleeve.

The highly-reflective aluminum, combined with the woven fiberglass, provides protection of components from radiant heat
sources of up to 1000°F.

Clevaflex Sewn Sleeves can significantly reduce the component
temperatures of power steering hoses, air conditioning hoses,
water hoses, wire harnesses, brake tube and hose, spark plug
wires, and other critical components located close to radiant
heat-generating parts.

The Sleeves are extremely flexible, making them easy to install
and route along hose lines. They have a high strength-to-weight
ratio and are resistant to fluids, fraying, and abrasion.

Clevaflex Sewn Sleeves are available in 11 standard sizes, ranging from 3/8" to 2-1/2" in diameter. In addition to the standard 18.5 oz. fiberglass weave, 12.5 oz. and 9.6 oz. fiberglass weaves are offered. The Sleeves can be provided on spools or in cut lengths, ready for installation.

Founded in 1964, Clevaflex currently has the largest production
facility of its kind in North America for wound tubing, including both thermally-bonded tubing and mechanically-interlocked tubing. Clevaflex can vary the tube's corrugation and elongation to meet specific application requirements for strength, flexibility, and operating characteristics under positive or negative pressures. Clevaflex® tubing is used in HVAC, automotive, industrial, thermal insulation, and impact-absorption applications.

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