Flexible Servo Cables suit continuous movement applications.

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Series SF cables feature flexible thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket and PVC/nylon insulation. Available over 18-8 AWG conductor size range, they include 4 conductors for power and ground and are shielded with foil and tinned copper braid for EMI protection. UL-listed cables are rated for 600 V, are oil and sunlight resistant, and meet requirements of NFPA 79. Composite model adds 2 twisted pairs for use in various control/monitoring uses.

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Alpha Wire Introduces Flexible Servo Cables

New Flexible Servo Cables Offer Exceptional Mechanical and Electrical Performance While Adding Greater Flexibility

Elizabeth, NJ, February 4, 2009 - The new Series SF flexible servo cables from Alpha Wire offer increased flexibility for connecting power between the supply and servo motors, drives, and controllers. A flexible thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket and PVC/nylon insulation make the cable suitable for flexing applications that require continuous movement. Superior flexibility and a tight bend radius of ten times the cable's diameter also make installation easier.

The UL Listed cables meet the requirements of NFPA 79, allowing them to be used in industrial machinery applications such as machine tools, pick and place equipment, Cartesian and articulated motion control, and automated material handling systems.

To meet a range of power requirements, Series SF cables are available over an 18 to 8 AWG (0.96 to 8.5 mm2) conductor size range. The cables are available in both power and composite cable configurations. The Series SF power cable has four conductors for power and ground. The Series SF composite power cable adds two twisted pairs for use in braking control, temperature monitoring, or other control/monitoring uses. To provide excellent EMI protection in noisy electrical environments, the cables are shielded with a combination foil and tinned copper braid.

"The new Series SF gives users a more reliable and easy-to-use way to connect servo power," says Mike Dugar, Senior Product Manager at Alpha Wire. "Users want more flexibility to make installation and startup faster, as well as increase long-term reliability. Series SF does all of that, while maintaining the rugged performance needed for industrial machinery."

Series SF flexible servo cables are rated for 600 volts and meet the UL requirements for TC-ER and WTTC applications and CSA for AWM I/II A/B. They are oil and sunlight resistant. The new Series FL flexible servo cables are members of the Alpha Wire Communication, Control, & Industrial product family.

For additional information, contact Alpha Wire at 800-52-ALPHA (522-5742) or visit the Company's Web site at www.alphawire.com.

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