Flexible Heater utilizes stranded carbon fiber.

Press Release Summary:

Flexible Carbon Fiber Heater employs Sonicrimp sonic welding technology for solderless, lead-free electrical termination. It incorporates 7 micron carbon fiber strands into flat form, which is sealed in 3 mil Mylar or Kapton jacket. Able to withstand repetitive flexes and crease bending, product has thermoelectric properties that include ability to heat from 100-200°F above ambient with current draw of 400 mA to 1.5 A. AC or DC power can be used.

Original Press Release:

Methode Development Company Introduces New Flexible Carbon Fiber Heater Technology,With Better Reliability And More Design Options Than Other Technologies

CHICAGO, IL - Methode Development Company, a subsidiary of Methode Electronics, Inc., has developed a new alternative to traditional flat flex heaters. The Flexible Carbon Fiber Heater provides greater mechanical reliability and offers the designer a much wider range of options than conventional polymer thick film ink or etched copper flexible heaters. This new technology is expected to find use in a wide range of applications in medical and commercial products, industrial food equipment, automotive or aeronautical de-icing systems, home improvement materials, and other heating systems.

Methode's Flexible Carbon Fiber Heater technology is unique since it uses stranded carbon fiber--not woven--and it employs Methode's patented Sonicrimp sonic welding technology for electrical termination. This technology configures 7 micron carbon fiber strands into a flat form which is sealed in a 3 mil. Mylar or Kapton jacket.

Compared to traditional flat flex heaters made from polymer thick film ink or etched copper, this new technology is much less susceptible to increased resistance or cracked traces when subjected to repetitive flexes or certain crease bending specifications.

Another key benefit of Methode's Flexible Carbon Fiber Heater is that the length, width, and the drive voltage requirements can be varied over a wide range to meet many application requirements. By virtue of its stranded construction, the maximum length is virtually unlimited.

Thermoelectric properties include the ability to heat from 100°F to 200°F above ambient, with a current draw of roughly 400mA to 1.5A. Either AC or DC power can be used. The Sonicrimp process allows accurate and reliable termination to many wire types, or to custom connectors.

This new technology is also environmentally friendly. The Sonicrimp termination process uses no solder, and therefore no lead. The carbon fibers negate the need for etched copper, avoiding the issues associated with those chemicals. And the power consumption of the finished heater assembly tends to be lower than for polymer thick film or etched copper heaters.

Pricing for Methode's Flexible Carbon Fiber Heaters varies, depending on the length and width desired, thermoelectric properties needed, type of termination, and quantity ordered. In many instances, Methode believes their heater technology to be significantly less expensive than either polymer thick film or etched copper.

This new technology is available now, with delivery times for samples and production quantities dependent upon the requirements of the specific application.

For information on Flexible Carbon Fiber Heaters, Sonicrimp technology, or any of Methode Development Company's products and services, such as thick film components and circuits, conductive inks, or EMC shrinkMate connectors, contact Methode Development Company, Sales Department, 7401 West Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60706, USA. Phone: 708-867-6777, Fax: 708-867-3149. Web: www.methode.com. Email: info@methode.com.

Methode Development Company is a leader in the development and application of thick film technology in the microelectronics and printed circuit board industries. Products include position sensing resistor elements, cermet and polymer thick film components and circuits, thick film chip resistor arrays, and EMC shrinkMate. Methode Development Company is located in Chicago, IL.

Methode Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ:METHA) designs, manufactures, and markets component devices and subsystems world-wide for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of information processing and networking equipment, voice and data communications systems, consumer electronics, automobiles, aerospace vehicles and industrial equipment. Products employ electrical, electronic, and optoelectronic technologies, such as sensors, interconnects, and controls. For further information, visit Methode's web site at www.methode.com.

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