Flexible Desiccant Bags minimize pressure drop.

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Used in packaging of desiccant, silica-gel, and molecular sieve materials, Accu-Weld® seams provide seal for desiccant bags that is pliable, consistent, and permeable. Permeability allows continuous fluid flow throughout seam area, minimizing interruption of refrigerant flow inside A/C system. Seams can be folded or shaped to fit through small openings or conform to irregular shapes. Package designs are available in standard and custom configurations.

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Flow Dry's Proprietary Accu-Weld® Technology Produces Flexible, Permeable Desiccant Package Seams that Improve Oil Circulation in A/C Compressors, Extending Life

Brookville, Ohio - Flow Dry Technology Ltd. has significantly enhanced its Accu-Weld® Technology utilizing an ultrasonic seaming process that produces improved dessicant bag seams. The robust performance of the proprietary Accu-Weld® seam technology provides a seal for desiccant bags that is pliable, consistent and permeable to allow continuous fluid flow throughout the seam area. This increased seam permeability minimizes both pressure drop and the interruption of refrigerant flow inside the A/C system.

Older, competitive seam technologies result in rigid, impermeable seams that interrupt fluid flow and often crack open when flexed, resulting in desiccant escaping from the bag. Solid seam desiccant packages can trap oil, starving the A/C compressor and reducing its longevity. These rigid seams are also difficult to install in small diameter integrated receiver dryers. All of these problems are eliminated with Flow Dry desiccant packages manufactured with Accu-Weld technology.

Flow Dry's new, more flexible bag seams can be easily folded or shaped to fit through small openings or to conform to irregular shapes. The Accu-Weld process produces a stronger seam that will retain the desiccant where it belongs while providing greater seam permeability for increased oil circulation, extending compressor life.

Flow Dry Worldwide LLC packages desiccant, silica-gel and molecular sieve materials for a variety of end use applications. Package designs are available in both standard and custom configurations in order to meet a variety of operational requirements. The company also provides rubber coated steel gasket materials, rubber-edged composite sealing solutions and reinforced/high temperature and composite fiber gasket materials. Typical applications include automotive air conditioning and exhaust systems, electrical component moisture control, packaging, commercial air conditioning, construction, environmental control, automotive and industrial moisture and solvent barriers, sealing gaskets, high pressure fluid sealing and electrical, heat and flame barriers.

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