Flexible Couplings feature parallel misalignment capability.

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Available with inch and metric bores and outside diameters from .250-2.000 in., SB5 Series and SB10 Series each have 5 and 10 sets of straight cuts, providing parallel misalignment capabilities. Couplings also accommodate angular misalignment, axial motion, and any combination of 3 types of misalignment. Clamp style, flexible straight beam couplings offer dynamic balancing, due to configuration of straight cuts, which allows uniform flow of air when operating.

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Flex Coupling with Parallel Misalignment Capability

Power Drive Components, Inc. capabilities include a wide variety of couplings - both standard and flexible - power and timing chains, sprockets, helical gears, and both internal and external spur gears. One of its most successful new products is the Bello line of flexible neoprene couplings, and another is the company's selection of belts and chains for power-drive applications. Power Drive introduces the SB10-series and SB5-series flexible Straight cuts couplings.

Two series zero flexible straight beam couplings are available with inch and metric bores and outside diameters ranging from .250" (9,5mm) to 2.000" (50,8mm). Shaft couplings in all three series are machined from a single piece of aluminum, steel and Delrin feature multiple straight cuts. The multiple cut designs provide higher torque capabilities and greatly reduced wind-up when compared to standard type beams couplings.

The SB10-series and SB5-series flexible Straight cuts couplings each have five and ten sets of straight cuts, a feature that provides superior parallel misalignment capabilities compared tothe standards beam coupling. The straight cuts couplings also easily accommodate angular misalignment, axial motion and any combination of all three types of misalignment. Power drive clamp style flexible straight beam couplings have superior benefit of dynamic balancing, due to the unique configuration of the straight cuts that allows uniform flow of air when operating. Generating less noise.

Power Drive's manufacturing activities are conducted in two locations in New York, with molding and gear cutting handled at its Plainview site-which also houses headquarters-and a CNC turning and milling facility in West Babylon. The company currently employee about a dozen people and utilizes more than 8,000 square feet of manufacturing space between the two buildings. "I basically have two main goals," Bello says. "I want to keep adding to our product line, exploring new markets and cultivating relationships with new customers, but I also want to bring more manufacturing jobs to New York as our company expands. Too much of it is going to overseas these days, and I want to bring that work back to the States."

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