Flexible Chain Conveyor suits diverse transportion tasks.

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VarioFlow(TM) lets manufacturers link assembly operations with functions such as parts feeding and packaging on either side of assembly process. Product consists 65 and 90 mm profile widths with 62 and 87 mm chains, respectively. Integrated variable speed drive option provides transport speeds up to 60 m/min, while chain withstands tensile force of up to 1250 N. Product, offered with 3 drive types and 8 chain types, conveys products up 15° inclined slopes via cohesive friction chains.

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New Options for Flexible Chain Conveyor Increase Flexibility, Adaptability

Bosch Rexroth Corporation, Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies, offers extensive range of product components for new VarioFlow(TM) conveyor, providing solutions for diverse transport tasks.

The latest chain conveyor from Bosch Rexroth, VarioFlow, lets manufacturers link assembly operations with functions such as parts feeding and packaging on either side of the assembly process. VarioFlow consists of two profile widths, 65 mm and 90 mm, with chains of 62 mm and 87 mm, respectively. The product offers a uniquely integrated variable speed drive option with transport speeds (up to 60 m/min) and stronger chain than other single strand chain conveyors (tensile force of up to 1250 N).

Three new drive modules (a connecting drive, a transmission drive and dual drive) and six new chain types have also been added to the product line. The new types of chains have been specially designed for the food and packaging sectors. The chain line-up now encompasses 8 types: standard, cleated, steel top, universal, friction top, 20 mm roller cleat, 35 mm roller cleat and low back pressure chain. Products can be conveyed up 15° inclined slopes without the use of cleats by using the new cohesive friction chains. Universal chain is intended for the easy attachment of any customer-specific chain top and features an additional groove in the chain for torsion protection.

Finally, two new mounting brackets enhance layout flexibility and vastly simplify the assembly and installation of even complex multi-level alpine systems. One of the new brackets also makes it possible to suspend VarioFlow from the ceiling to let users maximize productivity at every level in their plants.

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