Flex Power Launches PKJ4000 Series DC/DC Converters for Radio Frequency Power Amplifier Applications

Press Release Summary:

The PKJ4000 Series DC/DC Converters consist of PKJ4716APIHS and PKJ4716HPIHS models with an adjustable output voltage range of 14 V to 35 V and 25 V to 55 V respectively. The units are offered in half-brick format with 61 x 57.9 x 12.7 mm dimensions and a power density of 255W/in³. They come with features such as 500V input/output isolation, basic level insulation, monotonic start-up, remote sensing and remote control. The converters offer an MTBF figure of 7.5 Mhrs.

Original Press Release:

Flex Power Modules Debuts Ultra-Efficient 700W Half-Brick DC/DC Converters to Power RFPA Applications in LDMOS or GaN Technology

  • Available with either 28V or 50V nominal output voltages, ideal for LDMOS and GaN transistor applications
  • Efficiencies of up to 96.5% enable delivery of 700W in a half-brick format

Flex Power Modules announced the release of the PKJ4000 series of DC/DC converters primarily targeting radio frequency power amplifier (RFPA) applications within the telecom market segment. The PKJ4000 series delivers 28V DC or 50V DC at up to 700W of power from an input voltage range of 36V to 75V.

Packaged in the industry-standard half-brick format measuring 2.40 x 2.28 x 0.50 inches (61 x 57.9 x 12.7mm), the PKJ4000 achieves a power density of more than 255W/in³. With special attention being paid to thermal design during the development of the product, conduction cooling of the module is optimized via the attached baseplate, which enables full power delivery at up to 85°C ambient, with a 100°C baseplate temperature and zero airflow in closed-box environments, which is typical within RFPA applications.

Two models are initially available at release. The PKJ4716APIHS delivers 28V at up to 25A/700W, with an output voltage adjustment range of 14V to 35V, while the PKJ4716HPIHS delivers 50V at up to 14A/700W, adjustable from 25V to 55V. The wide range of adjustability of the outputs makes them not only suitable for RFPA applications using LDMOS or GaN transistor technology, but also for other applications and markets that require a regulated programmable bus voltage such as 24V, 28V, 32V, 48V, 50V or 53/54V, Test and Automation, and Industrial Control and Instrumentation, to name a few.

“The PKJ4000 series is the first of a new expanded range of products we are developing for the RFPA market,” explained Olle Hellgren, Head of Business and Product Management at Flex Power Modules. “We see great potential for us to bring the benefits of our leading-edge technology and efficiencies to this area as 5G continues its development and roll-out.”

Other product features of the PKJ4000 series include 1500V input/output isolation, basic level insulation, monotonic start-up, remote sensing, remote control, and a range of protection capabilities including over-temperature, output-short-circuit and output-over-voltage.

Offering a calculated MTBF figure of 7.5Mhrs, the new series has been designed and manufactured by Flex Power Modules to deliver the levels of quality and confidence that are required by power system designers to develop long-term and high-performance reliable platforms. 

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