FlatsMgr Sorting System

Automate outgoing or incoming flat mail or small parcel sorting

The Bell and Howell FlatsMgr(TM) solution automates the task of sorting outgoing or incoming flat mailpieces using the most efficient technology available on the market today. This system can displace the need for manual processing or less efficient flat mailpiece processing while increasing the quality and traceability of each mailpiece.

For permit indicia and barcode printing, our patented labeling technology blows labels onto the mailpiece, which virtually eliminates damage caused by stamping or "full touch" required by other vendors' labelers. Additionally, our linerless labels reduce label consumption by using virtually every inch of label stock and eliminate waste caused by label liners. Pre-barcoded mailpieces are read and processed without labeling.

FlatsMgr is built with our latest parcel-sorting capabilities but is designed for sensitivity-from the smallest mailpiece to the largest flat acceptable by USPS®. Using this technology, mailers can take full advantage of USPS Full Service discounts by providing unique Full Service barcodes and electronic documentation through the USPS PostalOne!® gateway.

In environments where there is little to no automation for these mailpiece types, the FlatsMgr solution represents an opportunity to improve the turnaround of product from inbound to outbound, create postage discounts not currently obtained, and provide a more efficient process that reduces labor requirements while improving the margins for each piece processed.


Key Features:

· Processes up to 9,000 mailpieces/ hour with automatic feeding

· Includes feeding, reading, labeling and sorting

· Features an automated feeding system or manual feeding

FlatsMgr can safely and securely:

· Process mailpieces without damage

· Automate the sorting process to reduce the number of touches per mailpiece while achieving maximum postage discounts

· Handle virtually any range of flat mailpieces from the thinnest flat to the thickest (0.75 inches)

· Handle First-Class(TM) and Standard Mail® flats with indicia and barcoded labeling

· Handle pre-barcoded letters or flats

The FlatsMgr solution supports lightweight to heavyweight mail and is especially suited for higher-speed processing when all mailpieces are of different sizes. Envelope, poly-wrap, magazine, periodical or other non-enclosed/open-end mailpieces can be processed as well. Our solution uses our industry-leading labeling technology and controls, as well as our Full Service NetSort® software for all USPS reporting and electronic documentation.

FlatsMgr can process flat mailpieces at rates of up to 9,000 per hour. This includes feeding, reading, labeling and sorting to an output destination. Mailpieces with uniform size and thickness can be processed with an automated feeding system. Mixed-size mailpieces with varying thicknesses can be manually fed. We offer a manual feeding system option to assist handling of the mixed-size mailpieces and improve speed of feeding. The number of output destinations or separations is dependent on your needs. During peak high- volume periods, two operators can handle virtually all sorting needs. Only one operator is required when volumes are low to steady.

For more information, visit: www.bellhowell.net

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