FlatFrog InGlass(TM) AIO PC Touchscreens in Volume Production with Top Tier North America PC OEM

LUND, Sweden – FlatFrog Laboratories AB, a leading provider of Win8.1 certified InGlass™ multi-touch systems, announced today that it is ramping up manufacturing of touch modules to be integrated in AIO PCs with a top tier North America OEM. Shipments started in December and the first AIO PCs with InGlass™ are expected to hit the shelves early in Q1 2015.

"We are very pleased that a top NA PC OEM has selected FlatFrog as a multi-touch supplier for their Win8.1 AIO PC product line," said Dhwani Vyas, CEO of FlatFrog. "The commercial order is recognition of the performance and quality of FlatFrog technology as well as its readiness for high volume and high yield mass production. These capabilities are now being rolled across our entire portfolio."

FlatFrog's innovative InGlass™ enables 15-84" touchscreens with thin edge-to-edge design and perfect optical clarity. InGlass™ technology does not use light obstructing sensors on top of the LCD. The lack of sensors allows for a superior touch interface while still maintaining a rich visual experience for the PC and Monitor markets. InGlass™ touch is mass production ready, certified for Win8.1 and offers a premium touch experience at a lower cost than the leading projected capacitive touch technology for the PC market.

FlatFrog Touch enables high volume consumer PC products as well as large interactive displays suitable for Interactive Digital Signage, Conferencing, Large Kiosk Displays, Whiteboard, Education, Gaming and Hospitality Displays.

FlatFrog solution is scalable from 15 to 84" and is demonstrated at CES Jan 6-9th,2015.

About FlatFrog

FlatFrog is revolutionizing the touch industry with its patented InGlass™ touchscreen technology. FlatFrog's products offer a perfect touch and viewing experience, supporting over 80 touches with more than 1,000 pressure detection in a flush, bezel-free design. It works with glove and passive stylus. It supports Windows 8, Android and Linux. InGlass™ touch is designed for mass production and integration into tablets, PCs and large interactive displays. FlatFrog Laboratories AB is based in Lund, Sweden. For more information, please visit http://www.flatfrog.com.

For product enquiries, please contact sales@flatfrog.com.



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