Flat Panel Monitor suits general business applications.

Press Release Summary:

ThinkVision L170 LCD monitor provides 17 in. viewable image size with 1,280 x 1,024 display resolution, 250 cd/m² brightness, and 350:1 contrast ratio. Product incorporates tilt stand, direct access for automatic image setup and brightness, monitor adjustments via on-screen display, and in-stand cable management. Compatible with IBM PC system units, product may be wall or arm mounted and offers ±60° vertical and ±70° horizontal viewing angles.

Original Press Release:

IBM ThinkVision L170 Monitor - View Your Images on a Large Screen Featuring ThinkVantage Design


The ThinkVision L170 17-inch LCD monitor offers the benefits of a flat-panel monitor at an affordable price. It incorporates ThinkVantage design, which enhances usability, making the monitor more intuitive and easier to use and complementing the system design. The ThinkVision L170 is in the Essential category in the ThinkVision family of monitors.

This monitor is best suited for:

o Complex spreadsheets
o Multitasking
o General business applications


o 17-inch (432-mm) viewable image size

o 1280 x 1024 resolution

o ThinkVantage design:

- Tilt stand
- Direct access for automatic image setup and brightness
- Quick and easy monitor adjustments using newly designed on-screen display (OSD)
- Matching design to IBM systems
- Cable management in stand

o Scaling for viewing of full-page images of resolutions less than 1280 x 1024

o Internal power

o Kensington lock-compatible

o Lockable digital controls

o Detachable base for mounting on wall or arm (sold separately) with optional mounting equipment


o Improved use of space compared to CRT monitors

o Reduced energy use and heat generation to help lower cooling and power costs compared to CRT monitors

o Compatible with IBM PC system units

o Quick and easy monitor setup

o Wall- or desk-mounting using the optional IBM Radial Arm (not included) or third-party accessories meeting the VESA Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface Standard (FPMPMI)

Planned Availability Date
May 9, 2003

At a Glance

The new ThinkVision L170 LCD monitor offers:

o Viewable image size: 17.0 in (432 mm)

o Brightness: 250 cd/m2

o Contrast ratio: 350:1

o Viewing angles

- Vertical: +/- 60°
- Horizontal: +/- 70°

o Display resolution of 1280 x 1024 (automatically scales lower resolution to fill the screen)

o Tilt stand

o Direct access for automatic image setup and brightness

o Analog input (15-pin D)

o Internal power

o 100-mm Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA) standard for mounting


VESA High Refresh Video Signal Timings

The ThinkVision L170 LCD monitor supports a wide range of display modes, including a selection of the VESA timings of incoming video signals at up to 75 Hz (non-interlaced) for the following screen resolutions:

o 640 x 480
o 720 x 400
o 800 x 600
o 1024 x 768
o 1280 x 1024

Appropriate video-adapter hardware and software must be installed in the attaching system unit.

Monitors are compatible with popular IBM PC system units. Refer to ConfigXprt for details.


The ThinkVision L170 LCD monitor supports the DDC protocol to level 2B. Basic configuration information can be passed to a system unit from its attached monitor. Often referred to as Plug and Play, the protocol enables a DDC-enabled system unit to automatically configure the video adapter to drive the attached monitor at its optimum display mode without end-user intervention. For best use, the attaching system unit must also be hardware- and software-enabled for DDC operation.

The capabilities of the monitor are held in nonvolatile monitor memory in an encoded format. The data is received from the monitor by the system unit during boot-up and system configuration.

The EDID data sent by the monitor to the attached system unit also includes the monitor's serial number and other identification information. This can be held in the system unit until requested; for example, by a department LAN administrator needing to assess the location of all equipment connected to the LAN.

Date information transmitted in the monitor EDID data conforms to VESA EDID standard V2. This requires the year of manufacture (YOM) to be stored in a one-byte field as an offset from 1990 as derived from the following equation:

Value Stored = (YOM - 1990)

YOM Value Stored

2000 10
2001 11
2002 12
2003 13

International Organization for Standardization
(ISO)IDIS 13406 Part 2

ISO/DIS 13406 Part 2 ensures ergonomic requirements are met when the ThinkVision L170 LCD monitor forms part of an ISO-compliant system. ISO/DIS 13406 Part 2 is an international standard addressing ergonomic factors for flat-panel displays.

ISO-capable elements do not necessarily make an ISO-compliant system when put together. To satisfy the requirements of ISO 13406 Part 2, a complete platform must be tested and must comply with all applicable elements of ISO 13406 Part 2. The platform includes:

o System unit
o Operating system
o Fonts
o Video subsystem
o Monitor
o Keyboard
o Mouse

When all contributing platform components satisfy their portion of the requirements, as verified by the required total system testing, the platform is ISO 13406 Part 2-compliant.

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Emissions

The ThinkVision L170 LCD monitor meets the Swedish Board for Technical Accreditation (SWEDAC) MPR-2 requirements and those of MPR-3. MPR-2 is a guideline developed by the SWEDAC to limit the electromagnetic emissions and electrostatic fields generated by workstations. MPR-3 is the colloquial name for the Swedish Standard SS 43614 90:1995.

Electric and magnetic fields with frequencies between 5 Hz and 2 kHz are called extremely low frequency (ELF) fields. Those with frequencies between 2 kHz and 400 kHz are called very low frequency (VLF) fields.

The Swedish MPR-3 Standard is intended to limit these fields. Sources of these fields include the power cord supplying 50 Hz or 60 Hz power to the monitor.

TCO-99 Compliance

o Environment
o Ergonomics
o Usability
o Reduction of electric and magnetic fields
o Energy consumption
o Electrical safety

VESA Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS)

The ThinkVision L170 LCD monitor meets ENERGY STAR power consumption requirements through implementation of the DPMS protocol. For effective power management, the attaching system unit must also be hardware- and software-enabled for DPMS operation.

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Warranty Information

For a copy of applicable product warranties, write to:

Warranty Information
P.O. Box 12195
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Attn: Dept JDJA/B203

IBM makes no representation or warranty regarding third-party products or services.

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All offers are subject to availability. IBM reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. IBM is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors.

Technical Characteristics L170 LCD Monitor

LCD size and type 17-in LCD
Viewable image size (in/mm) 17/32
Maximum viewable area (mm) 338 x 270
Luminance (typical) 250 cd/m2
Contrast (typical) 350 : 1
Colors >16 million
Viewing angle (typical) Horiz = +/-70°
Vert = +/-60°
Chromaticity CIE (x,y) Red = 0.63, 0.35
Blue = 0.14, 0.10
Green = 0.29, 0.59
White = 0.31, 0.33
Cell response time (typical) 25 ms
RGB Vertical stripe pixel pitch (mm) 0.264
Non-interlace operation Yes (all modes)
Multimode operation Yes1
Video input (analog maximum) 135 MHz 1280 x 1024 at 75 Hz
Signal cable - analog 1.8 m
Video RGB analog + separate H&V syncs
Sync Type 1 Separate H&V sync
Sync Type 1 signal levels TTL (High >2.4 V, Low <0.8 V
Sync polarity Positive or negative
Video connector 15-pin D-Sub
Video signal levels 0.700 Vp-p
Video signal polarity Positive = Bright
Video signal impedance 75 Ohms +/-5% (terminated)
Tilt 4° forward
40° backward
Sync Type 3 signal levels 0.3 V
Sync polarity Negative only
User controls Digital
Lockable controls Yes
OSD languages 5
Factory-preset display modes 14
User color settings 3 Preset + 1 User
VESA DDC capable 2B
ISO 13406 Pt2 capable Yes
VESA DPMS power management-capable Yes
Power supply Universal
Power cord -- detached 1.8 m
JEIDA compliance Yes (6734-AB0 only)
FCC B compliance Yes
MPR-2 Emission compliance Yes
MPR-3 Emission compliance Yes
TCO-99 Environmental Label Yes

1 Refer to the Hardware Requirements section for details of actual modes supported.

OSD Controls

Digital user controls are located on the front bezel, to the left of the power on/off pushbutton. Adjustments are made in conjunction with the on-screen displays. After adjustments are made, with exception of brightness, contrast, and auto adjust, the controls can be locked to prevent further changes. User setup values are stored automatically. For ease of use, there is direct access for auto setup and brightness.

Monitor controls and features include:

o Brightness/contrast

o Image position:

- Horizontal position
- Vertical position

o Image setup:

- Automatic
- Manual

o Image properties:

- Color
- Scaling

o Options:

- Information
- Menu language
- Menu position
- Factory default
- Accessibility

o Exit


The power indicator LED indicates the operational state of the monitor:

Indicator           L170 Operating State

Green LED Normal operation
Amber LED DPMS - Off/Standby/Suspend state
Green blinking Frequency out of range

A "No Connection Check signal cable" message appears in the OSD whenever the monitor detects no incoming video signal.

Accessibility by People with Disabilities

This monitor supports these IBM accessibility attributes for normal and routine end-user operations.

o Usable by people with disabilities without requiring an end-user to attach assistive technology to the product

o Controls and latches reachable and operable with one hand and minimal dexterity

o Push buttons tactilely discernible without activation

o Capable of flicker-free operation when attached to a video adapter and set to flicker-free display properties

o Uses color as an enhancement, not as the only way to convey information or distinguish keys, controls, and labels

o Icons consistent throughout the OSD user interface

o Key repeat rate is adjustable

o Text and objects in the monitor OSD blink no faster than 2 Hz

o User's Guide available in electronic format, viewable from a standard Web browser

Product Positioning

The ThinkVision L170 LCD Essential monitor is part of the IBM flat-panel LCD monitor family. The flat-panel LCD family includes Essential and Performance monitors. Essential monitors include quality products at affordable prices. Performance monitors offer advanced features for improved productivity including analog and digital inputs, lift/tilt/swivel stands, and dual input.

Machine Image Addressability
Monitor Type LCD Size Size H x V



T541 9512 15.0-in 15.0 in 1024 x 768
TFT (381 mm)


ThinkVision 6734 17.0-in 17.0 in 1280 x 1024
L170 TFT (432 mm)



T541H 9512 15.0-in 15.0 in 1024 x 768
TFT (381 mm)
T560 6656 15.0-in 15.0 in 1024 x 768
TFT (381 mm)


ThinkVision 6734 17.0-in 17.0 in 1280 x 1024
L170p TFT (432 mm)


T860 9494 18.1-in 18.1 in 1280 x 1024
TFT (460 mm)


ThinkVision 6736 20.1-in 20.1 in 1600 x 1200
L200p TFT (511 mm)
T221 9503 22.2-in 22.2 in 3840 x 2400
TFT (564 mm)

17-inch Positioning: The L170 monitor delivers high quality at great value. It supports analog system attachment and incorporates a stand that provides tilt adjustment.

The L170p offers dual connectors supporting analog or digital system attachment. It incorporates a stand with tilt/swivel and height adjustment. It offers improved performance with wide viewing angles and high contrast ratio.

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